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TeamCity 2022.10.3 Release Notes

Build: 117072

21 March 2023


TW-78129 — Improve the log message when a port for the HTTPS connection is busy

TW-74139 — .NET custom step exiting with 1 doesn't fail the build

TW-79860 — Nuget feed cleared after upgrading from 2022.10.1 to 2022.10.2

TW-79984 — Update Git version within TeamCity Docker Images: 2.39.1 -> 2.39.2

TW-80169 — Kotlin DSL generates excessive UI Patch for 'branchFilter' VCS option parameter

TW-80029 — Build can fail with "Unable to collect changes" error if VCS generic executor pool queue is full

TW-77954 — Set focus on first found runner when searching for build runners

TW-79154 — Failed to upload certificate: Invalid key.

TW-80059 — Vacuum of custom_data_body table can take too much time if there is a huge number of dead tuples

TW-78858 — Lots of logs "Failed to find agent type for agent ..." in teamcity-server.log after removal of a non cloud agent

TW-79859 — Null pointer exception calling buildQueue API since upgrade to build 117025

TW-56009 — Docker processes left after builds

TW-79046 — Cannot login to docker repository due to a file lock on windows.

TW-79512 — Docker_in_docker does not restart reliable

TW-79848 — Test metadata is not reported for finished tests in different flow id with test batching enabled

TW-76823 — "Add build step" button looks excess in "New Build Step" dialog

TW-76815 — Not all symbols in runner descriptions are processed correctly in grid view

TW-75877 — Build approval: improvements for the "Approval rules" field validation

TW-78878 — HTTPS: display a dedicated error message when a key has a valid format but is encrypted

Performance Problem

TW-79703 — A lot of memory is consumed by FlowAwareIndexFileOptimizedBuilder

TW-78800 — Contention on storing newly loaded VCS commits from the database can slow down startup of the server


4 security problems have been fixed.

Last modified: 20 March 2023