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TeamCity 2022.10.4 Release Notes

Build: 117134

8 June 2023


TW-75239 — Prefer IMDSv2 in EC2 plugin


TW-77316 — Provide more details about error in test connection for OAuth credentials in Jira Cloud

TW-81680 — Cleanup rules page: Disk Usage shows irrelevant data

TW-77540 — Restore from backup may hang if database connection is lost

TW-80419 — Dependencies chains crashed for chains with 70+ builds

TW-79602 — Perforce shelve trigger may start permanently trigger builds for a shelved changelist

TW-80987 — teamcity-vcs.log files are no longer available on the build agents (probably since migration to log4j2)

TW-80253 — Default Credentials Provider Chain: The security token included in the request is expired

TW-80508 — Cloud agents are terminated despite Maintenance mode after idle time + 10 minutes

TW-76018 — Git Diagnostic page: improve message for cases when git isn't installed

TW-80069 — Build configuration filter unavailable on the Build History tab of the agent page

TW-77777 — Kotlin DSL transitive maven dependencies aren't resolved during server execution

TW-80297 — SQL error in RunningBuildsCollection on the PostgreSQL database

Performance Problem

TW-78441 — Very slow "'/overview?statuses=true" after the server start because of active branches calculation

TW-80963 — Build status recalculation queue can become overflown if many builds are finishing in the same configuration

TW-80602 — Speedup calculation of revision affected by checkout rules if checkout rules do not filter files inside submodule mount points


6 security problems were fixed.

Last modified: 21 May 2024