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TeamCity 2022.10 Release Notes

Build: 116751

27 October 2022


TW-73264 — Triggering in non-default streams/feature branches should be supported in Perforce Shelve Trigger

TW-77661 — AWS Connection

TW-77377 — Enable PerfMon for every new build configuration

TW-78152 — Support HTTPS certificate configuration on TeamCity server

TW-75047 — Bundle recent version of Maven (3.8.x)

TW-77400 — IntelliJ inspections: support IntelliJ 2022.3 (read classpath from product-info.json)

TW-74855 — Move artifacts.json to the database (custom data storage)

TW-75128 — Allow connecting to AWS EC2-based agents in one click (TTY, Linux)

TW-70795 — Rest API to manage secondary nodes responsibilities

TW-71013 — Allow customizing port for HTTPS connections

TW-13916 — Promotion of the personal build must create personal dependent build (+ allow promotion of personal builds)

TW-21953 — Ability to add a link and link name to the description of a project.

TW-76790 — Use Remote Artifacts for pushed images in Docker plugin

TW-74941 — Expose the AWS credentials into a build step

TW-77217 — Allow starting and stopping cloud instances from the secondary node

TW-73262 — Allow navigating from TeamCity build to the corresponding Perforce Helix Swarm review

TW-76124 — S3 migration: allow skipping subproject if it has different artifact storage

TW-76385 — Allow specifying of storage ID

TW-24375 — Allow to zip big artifacts (more than 4Gb)

TW-77087 — Add ability to provide DSL snippets for plugins

TW-70032 — Authentication via Google OAuth

TW-74984 — S3 artifacts migration utility: allow specifying multiple artifact storages

TW-71688 — TeamCity proxy: handle artifact uploads

TW-70491 — Stop relying on the pull request specific branches in Bitbucket Server pull requests support

TW-76649 — Flatten dropdown lists in 'Add build step' Admin UI

TW-76805 — Introduce new permission CHANGE_VCS_USERNAME_IN_PROJECT

TW-76393 — Provide information about TeamCity nodes in REST API

TW-76994 — Add token scope field to Azure DevOps OAuth 2.0 connection

TW-70952 — Support refresh token workflow for existing oAuth connections

TW-75683 — Cloud agent maintenance mode

TW-74303 — TeamCity Agent should cleanup required disk space for artifacts automatically

TW-76756 — Allow login using a restricted access token

TW-77506 — Add server metrics with timestamps for server cleanup

TW-77336 — Add stdErr field to VcsException

TW-59247 — Add absolute values to the perfmon chart

TW-76848 — Add metrics for the versioned settings application on the server

TW-76242 — Cloud agent instance page: add "stop" button

TW-63941 — Provide a way to work with a single message in build log

TW-17122 — Categories/grouping for build runners

TW-74064 — Agent pool agents page: undo remove agent or cloud image


TW-78168 — Update commons-text in qodana plugin to 1.10.0

TW-78072 — Update commons-text in Python plugin to 1.10.0

TW-77492 — Remote run: "Adding personal builds to queue" takes long time and fails on the first attempt

TW-76487 — It's not possible to set the maximum number of instances in a cloud image

TW-77075 — Updating search index progress starts with 50%

TW-78231 — Incorrect DSL is generated for NuGet Installer update section

TW-78185 — NullPointerException in SearchIndexerDataCleaner

TW-78196 — No typed DSL for "Use VCS root credentials" authentication type in Pull Requests build feature for GitLab

TW-77884 — java.util.NoSuchElementException in SplitLimit class

TW-78105 — The agents page is fully reloaded on focus

TW-72318 — The very long user name is trimmed incorrectly in changes popup, on the Сhanges and Pending Changes tabs in Experimantal UI.

TW-78173 — User's default UI switched after opening the link from another UI

TW-78135 — Native Git operations may fail if they cause subsequent local repository clone when Git version 2.38.1 is used

TW-77863 — Swarm review statuses may be sent to unrelated reviews with "All attached VCS roots" setting

TW-77990 — Build queue optimizer can reuse a failed build in a build chain even if settings prohibit it

TW-77442 — Agents overview freezes in Safari if there're 1000+ builds rendered

TW-77957 — Fix description and other texts in AWS Core plugin

TW-77443 — Double start of EC2 cloud instance for a build

TW-78175 — Huge memory usage by search plugin

TW-72704 — Maven info-maven-plugin failing on Teamcity version 2021.1.1

TW-76604 — Builds are waiting with "no more cloud agents available"/"no fully-running cloud agents" reason, while profile allows more cloud agents

TW-77517 — Build dependency cannot start because of a "maximum number of dependent composite builds" limitation

TW-77818 — Don't ask 'Discord your changes?' when user clicks on link with target="_blank"

TW-77069 — Search page has no "Found in" field anymore

TW-77189 — Not all dep.<btId> parameter references are updated in id is changed in a build configuration which is accessible transitively via an artifact dependency

TW-67132 — Old build investigation is shown in builds details until page reload

TW-65821 — Sometimes the boldness of pending changes is not updated properly in the experimental UI

TW-75189 — Pending changes aren't updated correctly on the build configuration page if there is a just triggered builds

TW-77609 — "Additional InspectCode parameters" appears to ignore "--caches-home"

TW-72353 — Sakura does not show changes on build overview until page refresh

TW-77365 — SSH Deployer feature doesn't set a connection timeout nor respect the build cancel properly

TW-76898 — "Artifacts path temp/buildTmp/.teamcity/build_X/event.json not found" for docker related steps in a build log

TW-75966 — Parallel build take settings from master instead of the corresponding branch.

TW-76925 — Cannot Unathorize agent, if the maximum limit of agents is reached

TW-78035 — Broken layout on Change page when "Show project hierarchy" option is enabled

TW-72331 — Provide ability to view pending changes from dependencies

TW-77655 — Filtered 'success builds' returns not only the finished, but the running builds

TW-77744 — Inefficient processing of an artifact download if artifact is an archive and is published to an external storage (S3)

TW-68785 — NoClassDefFoundError in reading maven project data

TW-78028 — Do not show "Sakura is ready!" dialog and banner for a user with enabled Sakura UI

TW-71010 — Don't allow enabling HTTP redirect without a valid certificate/key uploaded

TW-76800 — Issue with screen drawing

TW-77813 — Not all VCS-roots are displayed on the build changes tab

TW-76717 — Use OAuthProvider.getDefaultProperties() method to avoid saving defaults to Kotlin DSL code for various connection related project features

TW-75286 — Max running builds limitation for a composite build should not prevent start of dependencies if they are reachable from other composite builds without this limitation

TW-77078 — Search with AND operator may show not all the relevant results

TW-78063 — Exception in custom ParametersProvider.getParametersAvailableOnAgent causes inability to process build queue

TW-78050 — AWS Connection: Error "Connection is prohibited by TeamCity node restrictions" during test connection or key rotation on secondary node

TW-74696 — Actions dropdown disappears after changing builds filter

TW-78053 — Composite build can't start because of constraint violation on attempt to insert a row into the running table

TW-77681 — Large files upload can fail with read timeout if upload is landed on the secondary node

TW-77883 — Unable to mark a build as a successful

TW-77929 — Can't assign notification rules on the secondary node (if some rules were created on other nodes before)

TW-77930 — Can't create agent pool on a secondary node if some pool was created on another node before

TW-77223 — Pending changes counter and list is not updated

TW-78025 — R# CLT tools versions are not listed in Install JetBrains ReSharper Command Line Tools window

TW-74845 — Parallel tests cannot be muted in selected build configuration

TW-77484 — Parallel test batches are not reused after changing internal property

TW-76558 — Regression. Reverse dependency setting being ignored

TW-77399 — Parallel tests: successful batches should be not reused by default

TW-77978 — User without enable/disable versioned settings permission is able to change settings status via REST

TW-76950 — EC2 plugin: Spot instance termination checker doesn't work with launch templates and Spot Fleets

TW-77272 — Expose AWS creds into a build step: warnings in logs when there is no AWS connection and build feautre

TW-77872 — Too many "Publishing to local artifacts cache is disabled, skipping" messages in build log

TW-77091 — S3 Storage throws ArtifactPublishingFailedException when file cannot be found

TW-77951 — Trying to connect a user to Space integration fails with an Unexpected error

TW-56505 — Illegal mix of collations during clean up when database has utf8mb4 collection and the server does not

TW-33642 — Illegal mix of collations for operation 'UNION'

TW-77931 — TeamCity main node hangs on startup (possible deadlock with other nodes because of truncate table build_type_vcs_change SQL statement)

TW-76873 — Chain dependencies fail when canceled

TW-77142 — Not possible to re-enable Cloud Integration on subprojects after integration has been disabled

TW-70417 — Wrong number of changes is shown on the build overview page

TW-71545 — Allow loading Kubernetes plugin on secondary nodes

TW-77917 — Unhandled exception in RandomSecureAuthenticationTokenCreator.parseToken in case of a bad token

TW-72501 — Restore builds re-indexing logging in teamcity-server.log

TW-72943 — Align test names to column for retried test invocations

TW-72666 — Tests list may blink if Current Scope is specified

TW-77611 — Improve wording in the Investigations dialog regarding "Mark as fixed"

TW-77816 — Can't delete the artifacts storage with name containing the quotes

TW-77871 — Extra cloud agents can be started ignoring licensing and pool limits

TW-77066 — Search only shows 10 builds per page (showed 30 previously)

TW-75234 — Splitted tests are marked as new after assigning to another build configuration

TW-65523 — Long build comment full text is hidden under "Show more" link on build overview page

TW-74550 — Empty lines are removed from the failed test overview

TW-76206 — Expanded change presentation on a build overview has weird margins and paddings

TW-76625 — New UI shows 'no changes' for a build unless page is refreshed (project page)

TW-63078 — Changes counter on the build overview page may sometime show incorrect information

TW-65669 — Changes popup doesn't display all information about change for history builds

TW-76638 — It’s not possible to find an existing build configuration from an archived project even if ‘Show archived’ is turned on

TW-76983 — Changes page: Project name is not displayed in the filter in Firefox

TW-77624 — Artifact dependency on itself has empty configuration on the Dependencies->Downloaded artifacts tab.

TW-63750 — TeamCity fails to collect changes with error: Malformed input or input contains unmappable characters

TW-77302 — Restored build may not be replaced in the original build chain when several nodes have "Processing data produced by running builds" responsibility

TW-75999 — Qodana plugin: build failure conditions should be sorted alphabetically

TW-77225 — Confusing projects selector in Assign roles dialog

TW-76647 — Improve hints for connections which support refreshable tokens

TW-47425 — 500 (Internal Server Error) status code returned when trying to add build configuration via REST API when server build configuration limit is reached

TW-77615 — When adding a comment on Perforce Swarm review for a regular build, TeamCity should do this without sending a notification from Swarm

TW-74531 — There should be a way to hide build status popup forever

TW-67066 — Add some more visual feedback when clicking on Run build button in new UI

TW-70479 — Reduce amount of vertical flickering on the build configuration overview page

TW-76179 — The progress bar is flickering.

TW-75919 — New Changes page UI expands the file list by default

TW-75106 — S3 migration tool. Provide ability to reuse Force Virtual Host Addressing option value provided in TeamCity S3 storage settings.

TW-72786 — Unnecessary grouping element with build configuration name

TW-76133 — Under the links of expanded build need to reduce the background width and increase the width of the line

TW-75902 — Consider adding support for no-motion queries

TW-76481 — Instances popup can be not very informative as can display the same instances names

TW-76482 — Add a link to running build to the instances popup

TW-76674 — 'No enabled compatible agents' warning is shown to a user when build is going to be run on an cloud agent defined in project where user doesn't have VIEW_AGENT_CLOUDS permission

TW-69729 — Shared Resource Usages Report should be alpha-sorted

TW-73655 — Add a loader for tabs

TW-75099 — Allow to finish detached build using build credentials corresponding to another build

TW-75474 — Changes page: provide information about VCS root where the change was commited.

TW-73934 — Return the success rate in percentages to its place

TW-75570 — S3 Artifacts Storage: the default expiration time for pre-signed URLs may not be enough in certain cases

TW-76830 — Add a possibility to search by runner's description in the grid view of 'Add build step' dialog

TW-76370 — Improve build status text in case when there is a failed build step and some failure conditions

TW-76947 — Parameter-based Condition "matches" (Regex) does not work if parameter includes "|n"

TW-72317 — Build configuration overview page layout can be broken when investigation is assigned to user with too long name

TW-73042 — Tests with very long names are not presented fully and hide the suite name in the new UI

TW-75751 — Changes page. Display the username of current user in the users popup.

TW-73623 — There is no way to find out which test suite has no failed tests

TW-71875 — Tests UI is confusing

TW-77518 — Different numbers of failed tests are shown on build page

TW-72941 — Incorrect encoding for the S3 artifacts with Cyrillic content opened in browser

TW-76897 — S3 Storage configuration errors appear at a strange place

TW-70989 — Passed test name looks clickable in Sakura

TW-77576 — Agent is not re-assigned to the main node if the current node does not have any responsibilities

TW-65550 — Display cloud profiles project settings on a secondary node.

TW-77268 — Exception in estimator thread on a secondary node

TW-77342 — Error during read from BuildLog for a BuildProblem

TW-71849 — Builds request from the project overview page does not take into account 'Show all personal builds' checkbox

TW-72613 — Build line is misaligned with a path on a Test History page

TW-69675 — Test history page: build status can be hidden for builds with long paths

TW-75131 — Teamcity: sometimes test history is not folded

TW-73313 — Overlapping text on build history page

TW-69320 — Cancelled build's N/A agent is shown as a link (invalid)

TW-70562 — Do not show link to build agent details on build overview page to a user without View agent details permission.

TW-66228 — Incorrect data is displayed on Compatible Agents tab for the canceled build.

TW-77212 — Teamcity does not support JDK17 based IntelliJ versions (e.g. 2022.2) as inspection engine

TW-76407 — Experimental UI shows one pending change multiple times after filtering by user

TW-76303 — LinkageError: loader com.intellij.util.lang.PathClassLoader wants to load interface org.xml.sax.EntityResolver

TW-68901 — Test history page: date on average chart is cropped

TW-77283 — DSL documentation generation fails on Windows

TW-77233 — Server doesn't provide tools into teamcity-agent.xml

TW-77263 — TeamCity fails to open test details in Chrome

TW-77258 — Runner selection grid is shown on edit build step page

TW-77191 — Vcs trigger doesn't trigger build (settings VCS root is attached as a regular one in a dependency)

TW-76677 — Refreshable tokens can be used in the context of project without needed connection

TW-68177 — Change (make it configurable) goal for installing info-maven3-plugin

TW-76984 — Too small minimal width for selected Project Path on Create Project Page

TW-77043 — Long project path in Project Selector is not shortened at some places

TW-77049 — Classic UI -> Change Page -> Files -> Project selector may not allow to select configurations with long path

TW-76660 — .NET builds with whitespace inside of quotes in the config name fail with error "Only one project can be specified"

TW-76875 — Heath report is missing if some plugin DSL has compilation error

TW-77042 — Change permission for Log out all users action

TW-76819 — The "Show Archived"-toggle has disappeared from the search pop-up (the one you bring up by pressing "P")

TW-66071 — Composite build: tests mutes don't work as expected

TW-76987 — Generate DSL documentation fails, if server is started from a directory with spaces

TW-76880 — Stopping a composite build may stop dependencies which are parts of another running composite build

TW-72638 — Calculate minimal range for statistic charts basing on all branch builds instead of just default branch

TW-77047 — Avoid making additional commits if an id of a build configuration is changed via a VCS commit or on disk

TW-77016 — An expanded block with information about the build is collapsed immediately after opening

TW-77030 — Duplicated statuses can be sent by commit status publisher

TW-76260 — expanding component automatically collapses back in a moment

TW-62829 — Confusing counter of personal builds in sidebar

TW-76997 — Create New project from Projects page - ROOT project is not selected in Project Selector

TW-76682 — Dependencies - Chain view: sort builds in groups when grouping by projects is enabled

TW-76938 — Test output (stdout, logs, warnings) not shown when expanding failed test

TW-76836 — HTTP proxy does not switch to another node if the main node was killed

TW-76985 — NullPointerException when trying to create a server thread dump with token authentication

TW-69564 — Parts of tokens are considered as the issue tracking link on the Tokens page in versioned settings

TW-70750 — Investigation history popup hides unexpectedly

TW-76936 — Maintenance mark isn't displayed in the sidebar for disconnected agents

TW-76909 — Error "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'id')" in attemp to open cloud agent page without permission "View project and all parent projects"

TW-76847 — "Something went wrong: TypeError: r.project is undefined" in attempt to open cloud agent page using user with Agent manager role

TW-76939 — Cannot get info about a build via REST API - 500 server error

TW-76737 — Documentation: lack of an example IAM policy with permissions required to use S3+CloudFront

TW-76527 — Running a .NET builder task on DotNet 6 SDK solution generates a build error "MSBUILD : error MSB1006: Property is not valid."

TW-51519 — Issue fetcher plugins occasionally fail to initialize with net.sf.ehcache.CacheException: issuesCache: Could not create disk store (system\caches\ehcache\issues.index could not deleted)

TW-60198 — "View users" popup should sort by name

TW-76243 — Cloud agent instance page: add clickable cloud image and agent pool labels

TW-76840 — EC2 plugin: accelerate "check connection/fetch properties" by fetching properties in parallel

TW-76474 — Perforce Shelve trigger does not fire on first shelved changelist in a new stream

TW-76478 — REST API request with shelved changelist from excluded stream starts a build in the main stream

TW-76636 — DSL pre-compilation not working for some plugins

TW-76716 — Searching appears to search in projects user doesn't have permissions for, causing an error message.

TW-76689 — Service message requires comparisonFailure

TW-76637 — Warning "No agents satisfy this requirement" for a user without "View cloud images and instances" permission

TW-76034 — .NET parallel tests: with a Test Case filter test could be split unevenly

TW-76643 — A page in the browser is often hanging for a lot of time on attempt to show queued builds

TW-61298 — Missing queued build on Branches tab for build configuration

TW-76700 — Builds list freezes in 'loading' state

TW-73913 — Sidebar incorrectly displays non-archived projects with archived ancestor.

TW-76504 — "The field must not be empty" error when Default version for Lauch Template is selected.

TW-76519 — Custom Image Name field should not be marked as mandatory.

TW-75107 — dotnet nuget push build step is failing due to regression change in latest version of nuget executable

TW-61504 — EC2 support. Reset template version when another launch template is selected in Edit Image dialog,

TW-76408 — Excessive cloud integration logging

TW-76533 — Absent validation for the "custom image name" field.

TW-76490 — Bulk triggering from Perforce Shelve trigger after enabling personal builds

TW-70560 — User may see agents pools to which they do not have access

TW-76465 — Disconnected cloud agents are displayed as idle on Agents Overview page during the update

TW-75182 — Clear selection after a batch operation completes

TW-76532 — Build cannot be stopped (multi-node setup)

TW-76151 — Suppress "NUGET_XMLDOC_MODE = skip" in .NET Runner steps

TW-76328 — Experimental UI: Missing hash parameters in href for "Parameters Report" tab

TW-76475 — Perforce Shelve Trigger does not fire on shelved changelist from the second attached VCS root

TW-73635 — Some personal changes are not displayed on Single change page refresh with error "You do not have enough permissions to access VCS modification with id: N"

TW-76103 — Sticky "Adding a build to queue" popup in case of errors in Custom Run dialog

TW-76134 — Lines do not change background color on hover in problems tree and tests tree of the expanded build

TW-73996 — No "Nothing found" message for Select a build configuration filter on Single change page

TW-76376 — Some paths on agent ignore agent configuration file

TW-73164 — Single change page does not mark paused build configurations

TW-72207 — Bad request 400 for Pending changes from branches with slashes (e.g. Pull request)

TW-71491 — Hide Help menu when Show hints option is invoked.

TW-76365 — S3 migation tool. Provide more clear description for property allowing multiple artifact storages.

TW-76286 — S3 migration tool. Processing of all projects is interrupted if one of subprojects has s3 artifacts storage with no access configured.

TW-76270 — Project administrators can't add users to accessible user groups from User page but can do it from the Group page

TW-76011 — Test with name {} -> {} in not parsed correctly

TW-73428 — Change on Changes builds tab is not highlighted after being collapsed

TW-72424 — Pending changes counter is not displayed in Projects sidebar for build configuration with new failed tests.

TW-73009 — Build configuration page layout shifts

TW-72632 — "No enabled compatible agents" pop-up does not disappear automatically

TW-74735 — Build status popup about queued build may disappear too quickly

TW-75183 — JS error when executing a batch operation on builds

Performance Problem

TW-77799 — Builds indexer occupies ~1Gb of memory

TW-78051 — Use own executor for the multi node event threads

TW-77927 — Relatively large chunk of memory is occupied by cleanup and probably kept for the entire cleanup time

TW-77398 — Several expensive /overview?statuses=true POST requests are sent by the same user

TW-77485 — ObsoleteBuildProblemResponsibilitiesCleanupExtension.afterCleanup is too slow (takes hours to complete)

TW-77234 — Tool uploaded on secondary node is not visible on the main one

TW-77270 — Slow processing of large changelists by Perforce VCS Roots with multiple streams

TW-76907 — Slow user groups page (slow containsAllPermissionsOf method)

TW-76392 — Build randomly hangs on Mac M1 box agent

TW-76571 — Poor performance after changing of an id of a cloud profile if the profile had some agents

TW-73444 — High CPU usage on Windows 10: Kotlin DSL generation and compilation


8 security problems have been fixed.

Last modified: 28 October 2022