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TeamCity 2023.05.1 Release Notes

Build: 129321

11 July 2023


TW-81199 — REST: Expose global server settings

TW-81590 — HTTPS settings: support ECC keys


TW-82234 — S3 Upload: Multipart upload fails with

TW-81866 — Failed to publish artifacts in AWS s3 after updating TeamCity to v2023.05

TW-82293 — "bean currentUser not found within scope" error in the logs when an unauthorized user opens a non existing page

TW-82115 — Symbolic link folders no longer present in build artifact paths since 2023.05 upgrade

TW-80256 — Perfmon tab does not work for a running build on a secondary node

TW-74891 — Build with parallel tests does not publish artifacts from artifact paths (sub-artifacts are not implemented)

TW-82279 — Broken links on the 'All builds' page in TC 2023.05

TW-81871 — Many attempts to update settings from VCS (constantly repeating Detected new revision ... in the teamcity-versioned-settings.log)

TW-81913 — Unexpected error during build messages processing in TeamCity - 2023.05

TW-82088 — JWT issued for GitHub App can be unusable because of incorrect expiration value

TW-82021 — Using GitHub App connection, some organisation repositories can be invisible to the user

TW-82083 — Improve handling of the case when the user has access to no repositories

TW-79303 — Authentication to TeamCity via Space Connection fails with an undescriptive error if connection settings are wrong

TW-81380 — The Build log Pop-up break down

TW-81897 — Unable to open Dependencies tab Chain mode after upgrading to 2023.05

TW-81645 — Redundant Parallel tests dependencies are added to queue even though the build reuses another dependent build

TW-81391 — S3 artifacts upload: Generating URL's time is not summarized by files

TW-81740 — Artifacts published as an archive contain an extraneous directory

TW-81874 — Podman agent unmet requirement docker.server.osType on RHEL with Docker CLI podman emulation

TW-82056 — Launch Template Run may cause uncaught exceptions

TW-81959 — Re-run Parallel tests build with rebuild failed batch does not run any tests

TW-81617 — Multiple GitHub App connections configured for the same app do not handle webhooks correctly

TW-81807 — SMB runner is unable to start on Java 17

TW-82038 — Publish S3 artifacts with Temporary credentials fails without AWS_REGION environment variable

TW-81591 — TeamCity displays a wrong Callback URL hint.

TW-81709 — Commit Status Publisher shows warning when using Bitbucket Server with user/password

TW-81293 — <Non existing project> is being shown in the agent pools sidebar of the build queue page

TW-80585 — GitHub Commit status Publisher with "Use VCS root credentials" does not work, if username is not specified

TW-73928 — Undefined tokenType parameter in GitHub OAuth git VCS root

TW-81369 — "Open Terminal" opens a link to connect to the first opened agent (if the agent overview wasn't refreshed before opening)

TW-81850 — Regression: EC2 Agent security group assignment is broken AGAIN.

TW-79610 — Improve readability of Timeline chart on Dependencies tab when displaying parallel test executions

TW-81869 — [S3 Storage] S3 artifact publishing requires https after upgrading to 2023.05

TW-81682 — Cloud provisioning broken (java.util.ServiceConfigurationError: javax.mail.Provider: com.sun.mail.imap.IMAPProvider not a subtype)

TW-81829 — Cloud Images Source changes DSL patches are applying without any effect

TW-81253 — Don't log that ID will not be generated in cloud profiles

TW-80467 — Cannot find a node:100479888 may occur when collecting VCS changes on the secondary node

TW-74197 — Cannot set .NET msbuild OutDir property value to end with exactly one backslash through a system property

TW-81775 — Stop and Remove agent buttons stick to each other

TW-57046 — Cannot generate TRX file for test run (dotnet test)

TW-81727 — Rename "Agent actions / Connect to agent" audit action to better associate it with the Agent Terminal feature

TW-81725 — Rename the "Open an interactive session to the agent" permission to better associate it with the 'Open terminal' button

TW-81747 — Username isn't saved in Commit Status Publisher settings for GitHub if password auth type is chosen

TW-80178 — Projects can lose compatible agents if it was assigned/unassigned from the different nodes

TW-81400 — Space Pull Requests feature suggests to create a connection for a user without Edit project permission

TW-81593 — GitHub App: server error when non-existing organisation/user is specified in the connection

TW-81279 — Acquire new button is enabled on Edit VCS Root page for users who have no permissions to edit VCS Root

TW-81291 — GitHub App: app permissions are not checked during Test Connection in Commit Status Publisher

TW-81560 — GitHub App: In some cases, more repositories are listed than authorized for the app

TW-81687 — Regression: Perforce server P4PORT agent override not propagated into build steps

TW-81577 — Podman support: Broken ownership for agent directories if teamcity.docker.use.sudo is set on project level

TW-81166 — Podman wrapper: Docker rate limit warning is present even for authorized pulls, if podman runs as root

TW-81450 — A race condition during build-log creation

TW-81680 — Cleanup rules page: Disk Usage shows irrelevant data

TW-81655 — java.util.ConcurrentModificationException: null

TW-81465 — Missing builds.href field when buildType was requested

TW-81634 — Error in event handler: Error calling method RepositoryStateListener.repositoryStateChanged for listener jetbrains.buildServer.buildTriggers.vcs.git.GitClonesUpdater$1: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService.isShutdown()"

TW-80854 — Do not explicitly show as default registry in Docker connection, because podman wrapper won't use it by default

TW-81578 — BuildTypeNotFoundException in WeightedAverageBuildDurationCalculator.getStagesToRun (when invoked from DefaultBuildEstimatesCalculator)

TW-80120 — Build page content doesn't update automatically

TW-81542 — [S3 Plugin] Multipart upload retry flow issue

TW-81026 — Git plugin does not restore native Git flag if the plugin is reloaded in runtime

Performance Problem

TW-81735 — Agent updates local mirror several times (the number of times correlates with the number of include rules in the checkout rules)


10 security problems have been fixed.

Last modified: 25 July 2023