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TeamCity 2023.05.2 Release Notes

Build: 129341

25 July 2023


TW-82717 — agent.bat started without arguments shows error instead of help

TW-82114 — The "number" locator now fails if the value contains special symbols.

TW-82170 — Windows-based Docker agent images are not compatible with containerd

TW-80931 — Push to internal NuGet feed doesn't work on agent with .NET 8

TW-82179 — GitHub App connection: public repos of one user can invisible to another user (if the second user is not a collaborator in these repos)

TW-74760 — "Error while applying patch" when building new branch (git shallow clone)

TW-80435 — Native Git: VCS labeling fails with "bad object type" for new VCS root or after changing branch specification

TW-77955 — Dispay additional information in UI when a problem occured during issuing a Let's encrypt certificate

TW-77940 — Improve audit logging for HTTPS certificate removal

TW-79902 — when uploading new HTTPS certificate

TW-81897 — Unable to open Dependencies tab Chain mode after upgrading to 2023.05

TW-82127 — Commit Status Publisher fails for Azure DevOps with shorter versions of fetch URL to default repository of a project

TW-81115 — Updating of Github App plugin without server restart failed

TW-82210 — Build chain loses a dependency so it cannot be started due to parameter dependency to a missing dependent build

TW-82030 — .NET 7.0.202 restore fails with error NU1301: Unable to load the service index for source <feedURL>

TW-82434 — Fix token permissions required to approve build

TW-81492 — REST: method versionedSettings/contextParameters doesn't return parameters without values

TW-82165 — RejectedExecutionException in FailedTestAndBuildProblemsDispatcher while server shutdown

TW-80608 — Empty file is cached by external artifacts storage cache

TW-81960 — Exception when redirecting a build from one node to another

TW-81743 — Pull Request Build Feature with "Use VCS root credentials" does not work, if username is not specified

TW-74774 — Two instances of WebPublisher bean in agent memory

TW-80387 — .NET NUnit Parallel Tests: Incorrect format for TestCaseFilter Missing Operator '|' or '&'.

Performance Problem

TW-82606 — AnchorsFileWriter slows down processing of the build messages from the agent

TW-82404 — Slow execution of project settings persisting tasks (~150K build configurations)

TW-82383 — Slow server startup in case of many critical errors and many thousands of build configurations


3 security problems have been fixed.

Last modified: 27 July 2023