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TeamCity 2023.05.3 Release Notes

Build: 129390

24 August 2023


TW-82982 — Listing repositories may fail on create from Azure DevOps OAuth connection form due to an organization not providing access to third-party OAuth applications

TW-82940 — GitHub App connection prepares a list of repositories for too long

TW-83121 — Unexpected exception appears within agent log after each closing of Agent Terminal

TW-82979 — Use custom SSL certificate when "error setting certificate file" occurred

TW-82938 — Commit Status Publisher incorrectly parses some Azure DevOps URLs in domain

TW-80374 — IdeaRunner: unable to use JRT protocol with "JDK Jar Files Patterns"

TW-83027 — Hanging builds during backup + cleanup

TW-81292 — GitHub App: Improve error messages in features when there are not enough permissions in app

TW-82864 — Symbolic link folders are absent in build artifact paths on Windows machines

TW-81178 — GitHub App: Improve error messages appearing during usage of the GitHub App Connection. Part2

TW-44069 — Invalid hint for the field "Attribute Filters:" for dotCover in the .net runners

TW-82983 — Failed to resolve artifact dependency in multinode setup with external artifact storage if dependency and dependent builds are assigned to different nodes

TW-81917 — Unusually high anchor number in build log

TW-81869 — [S3 Storage] S3 artifact publishing requires https after upgrading to 2023.05

TW-75391 — 400 on editing a long parameter spec

TW-81957 — [S3 Artifact Storage] Uploads failing with org.apache.http.NoHttpResponseException

TW-82766 — Custom AMI field is absent when editing EC2 Cloud Image with Public/Shared AMI

TW-82811 — Allow to disable automatic generation of P4HOST, P4USER, P4CLIENT environment variables for builds which use Perforce VCS Root

Performance Problem

TW-82813 — Speedup persisting of the changed files associated with a VCS commit

TW-82835 — Enabling of VCS polling on multiple VCS nodes can slow down checking for changes


5 security problems have been fixed.

Last modified: 24 August 2023