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TeamCity 2023.05 Release Notes

Build: 129203

26 May 2023


TW-74706 — [S3] Parallelise multipart upload

TW-75239 — Prefer IMDSv2 in EC2 plugin

TW-37456 — Allow OAuth authentication against Stash in preference to storing user/password in Commit Status Publisher

TW-78972 — Implement GitHub App connection support for Commit Status Publisher

TW-48656 — Use OAuth for Build Commit Status Publisher (Bitbucket cloud)

TW-79530 — Implement GitHub App connection support for Pull Request Build Feature

TW-66716 — Implement GitHub App connection

TW-61963 — Podman support for TeamCity Docker wrapper

TW-64920 — Notifications from service messages

TW-75551 — Launch Template as a source of params value instead of separate launch type

TW-77546 — Free Space Requirement duration statistic

TW-11382 — Include empty directories into packed artifacts

TW-79960 — Support .NET 8

TW-79398 — Make it possible to enable "VCS repositories polling" responsibility on multiple nodes

TW-76748 — Terminal session to agents in one click

TW-53113 — Dark theme

TW-79359 — Provision to send email notifications to multiple users through Notifications build feature

TW-14363 — Modify build tags using service messages

TW-37581 — An API to manage all roles

TW-12976 — Out of the box support for HTTPS for the server

TW-70203 — Add an ability to show health reports for archived projects

TW-80440 — Implement Let's Encrypt integration for HTTPS settings

TW-80129 — Allow to generate a new SSH key using the TeamCity REST API

TW-74397 — Allow to generate a new SSH key from the TeamCity web UI

TW-58754 — REST: expose Versioned settings-specific operations

TW-80104 — REST: Expose server authentication settings

TW-65097 — Allow to use configured Slack connection during a build

TW-79694 — REST: expose new/modified Actual Parameters on Agent for build

TW-62714 — Support for global opts on p4 sync

TW-74122 — Sakura: implement "Change Log" tab on project level

TW-72327 — Support showing Graph on Pending changes and Changes tabs

TW-74121 — Sakura: implement "Change Log" tabs on build type level

TW-79482 — Allow to specify which TLS versions are used in the HTTPS Settings menu

TW-80573 — Allow editing of the main node responsibilities

TW-79937 — Implement GitHub App connection support for GitHub issue tracker

TW-79673 — Add "Use VCS Root credentials" authentication type in Commit Status Publisher settings for GitHub

TW-74071 — Build parameters tab for new UI

TW-69121 — Allow to run Backup on the Secondary node

TW-62355 — Predefined environment variable containing link to the build

TW-68788 — Allow to schedule clean-up on the secondary node with "process user requests" responsibility

TW-72975 — Allow routing users to secondary nodes (load balancing of user requests)

TW-80334 — Add node(s) information to thread dumps taken by teamcity

TW-78596 — Allow detaching project from all pools. Do not add project without pools to Default

TW-62305 — A health check endpoint is needed to run TeamCity reliably in Kubernetes/Nomad

TW-79970 — Add a simple way for a user to call for the support for an enterprise license

TW-64444 — Pull Requests Plugin should support ignoring draft pull requests for GitHub

TW-77597 — Use the Sakura Chains component on the Build Configuration Page -> Build Chains Tab

TW-76714 — Display refreshable token information in the VCS root settings

TW-80388 — Allow Project Developer role to view buildSettings.xml artifact

TW-78069 — Indicate draft pull requests on the build page

TW-78723 — Allow to configure build failure conditions on custom statistics values in DSL

TW-42311 — Add ability to upload per-project SSH keys via REST API

TW-77943 — Report image pulling as separate block in docker wrapper

TW-76713 — Implement "acquire new token" button on the edit VCS root settings form for refreshable token authentication

TW-24782 — Execute step: Only if build status is failed

TW-77436 — Make prometheus metrics adhere to OpenMetrics specification

TW-78722 — Personal build's shelvedChangelist parameter is inaccessible in templated build steps

TW-60821 — Add support for Bitbucket Server in Project Settings -> Connections

TW-78767 — Two-Factor Authentication: allow to select user groups, for members of which 2FA will be mandatory.

TW-69754 — Build Queue: Reordering builds in queue in Sakura UI

TW-69641 — Add an ability to expand / collapse subtree on new build log

TW-74019 — Builds history can be lost if a DSL commit changes the id of corresponding build configuration

TW-70087 — Make it possible to to leave the project in the Project pool only


TW-78241 — TeamCity Commit Status Publisher failed with GitHub fine-grained token

TW-80949 — Update Git version within TeamCity Docker Images: 2.40.0 -> 2.40.1

TW-72723 — Commit Status Publisher fails to publish statuses to Pull Requests iterations in Azure DevOps

TW-80747 — Overriding settings coming from project template may not work if Kotlin DSL is used

TW-55923 — reverse.dep. parameter with type password does not push parameter to downstream builds properly

TW-80404 — S3 Artifact upload - Request for pre-signed URLs time-out after 60 seconds

TW-79023 — No Disk Space Watcher health report on a secondary node without "Processing user requests" responsibility

TW-78221 — Projects export doesn't work on secondary nodes

TW-80029 — Build can fail with "Unable to collect changes" error if VCS generic executor pool queue is full

TW-79819 — User created using GitHub authentication module has no avatar

TW-71777 — Add a description for "Uploaded key" and "Custom private key" for Git VCS root

TW-80514 — Builds generated by Parallel tests feature don't have a thread dump when terminated forcefully

TW-80698 — How to set timeout for auto-generated build configs with Parallel tests build feature?

TW-79354 — Mark Bazel plugin as secondary node aware

TW-77814 — Trailing space is ReSharper Inspections runner fails the step

TW-74933 — Unobvious InspectCode Platform option names in ReSharper Inspections runner settings

TW-74139 — .NET custom step exiting with 1 doesn't fail the build

TW-76085 — add internal retry for git fetch if branch is no longer in the remote

TW-78497 — Confusing message in build queue if all agents are occupied

TW-80399 — Build Configuration Triggers do not retain custom parameter values if the default value is set

TW-81035 — TeamCity should provide P4CLIENT, P4HOST, P4USER environment variables in bootstrap steps of builds with Perforce VCS

TW-78849 — Allow disabling Sakura UI banner on a per-user basis

TW-79103 — teamcity-server Docker image requires the container user to have root privileges for the HTTPS feature to work

TW-77540 — Restore from backup may hang if database connection is lost

TW-79365 — Commit Status Publisher fails to publish status to Azure DevOps pull requests

TW-79782 — Exception in pluginsLoaded event handler of static UI extensions plugin on secondary node

TW-80021 — Gradle compilation error is not reported as a build problem for Kotlin projects

TW-79435 — Do not publish queue-related status for builds that already have status from the same build configuration

TW-78091 — Error "Main node responsibilities cannot be changed" in attempt to set CAN_CHECK_FOR_CHANGES for the main node using rest api

TW-73853 — Commit status is not updated after removing a build from queue, if there are other statuses for the same commit

TW-81319 — Server responds with 503 error on server side patch request

TW-74177 — Critical error in configuration of archived project: report should show the list of affected projects

TW-80871 — Unable to download artifacts after enabling HTTPS

TW-80591 — "Show all" build problems button on page Build overview doesn't work

TW-81385 — Show a hidden folder in the nested artifact tree

TW-81530 — Azure Devops icon is always active

TW-80126 — maintainDB.cmd Class Path not referencing correct version of JAR files and missing one

TW-80419 — Dependencies chains crashed for chains with 70+ builds

TW-80814 — Something went wrong appears when trying to see changes of a build

TW-79110 — Set English language for native git explicitly

TW-81604 — MissingServerResponsibilityException on attempt to generate a new test name id

TW-77887 — Raise error in builds with a=>[b/]a/c checkout rules if agent-side checkout mode is set

TW-81565 — Dark mode: text selection in Command Line script is not visible

TW-78943 — Not all variations of revisions are shown by the new UI on the Changes tab

TW-80047 — Text fields in the Create Build Configuration from template have broken layout

TW-79117 — Agent does not recognize docker compose installation

TW-77768 — Take Parallel tests build feature settings from versioned settings feature branches

TW-81297 — Build sometimes fails to publish internal artifacts in the multi-node setup

TW-71214 — CommitStatusPublisher suggests to create a connection for a user without Edit project permission

TW-79148 — Button "Acquire an access token" in Commit Status Publisher and Pull Request features is available for user with read-only permissions

TW-79863 — 'Acquire Token' on VCS root edit page, the authorization popup window leads to the page scrolling up.

TW-80943 — Copy project action doesn't work if AWS connection is configred in project tree

TW-80526 — A build stays as running on a main node even though it is already finished by the secondary node

TW-79990 — Two simular actions "Open interactive terminal" and "Connect via SSM" are shown for EC2 agents

TW-80013 — Azure DevOps OAuth icon is missed

TW-79602 — Perforce shelve trigger may start permanently trigger builds for a shelved changelist

TW-73827 — TFS agent-side checkout fails for an agent with Java 17 (Failed to apply patch. Failed to execute command ListWorkspaces)

TW-80525 — Unexpected switch from All branches to the default branch on the projects page

TW-73851 — P4 Error message seems contradictory: "RpcTransport: partial message read SSL receive failed. read: socket: The operation completed successfully ..."

TW-81172 — Nodes configuration: the "Main node" checkbox doesn't remove the responsibility from the previous node

TW-77453 — Allow browse agents working directory even with UI edit disabled

TW-81098 — Dark theme: start-up screens

TW-81076 — Bitbucket Cloud connections aren't shown in commit status publisher settings

TW-75155 — Concurrency issue on attempt to manually remove a build from the queue which is already optimized to some other build

TW-81117 — Versioned Settings Import decision parameter is not set with REST

TW-78095 — Return the field 'BuildType.compatibleCloudImages'

TW-80798 — IntelliJ IDEA Inspections runner adds incorrect -Xbootclasspath/a option to the command line of the IDE process

TW-80229 — TeamCity does not continue startup if postgres database has been started while the server startup was in progress

TW-80278 — REST API: BuildType compatibleCloudImages returns images from incompatible pools

TW-80987 — teamcity-vcs.log files are no longer available on the build agents (probably since migration to log4j2)

TW-79351 — Apply the same revision clarification logic when a revision is computed by a finish build trigger or vcs trigger with quiet period

TW-81019 — Revision affected by checkout rules cannot be found if fetch for the start revision fails

TW-80253 — Default Credentials Provider Chain: The security token included in the request is expired

TW-80983 — Return <init> block for S3StorageSettings.xml

TW-80454 — Parallel tests batch runs no tests, if it was automatically restarted after a canceled build

TW-75567 — Builds no longer run after recent DST time change (Fail to peek column 10 with type java.sql.Timestamp)

TW-78756 — NullPointerException in InvestigationWrapper

TW-44987 — Support create project/build configuration/VCS root from URL for Perforce address, including ssl:host:port URLs

TW-80391 — AdHoc notifications: what are the default value for "Allowed hostnames" setting?

TW-80757 — Exception on the buildserver (removed build configuration not expected in parallels test code)

TW-80508 — Cloud agents are terminated despite Maintenance mode after idle time + 10 minutes

TW-70985 — Commit Status Publisher : cannot parse Git Url (it being a parameter)

TW-80579 — Incorrect branch parameter included in the breadcrumb URL of the build path

TW-80069 — Build configuration filter unavailable on the Build History tab of the agent page

TW-80469 — [S3] Infinite loop in fetch resources when the AWS key expired

TW-79461 — Error sending build log to secondary node

TW-66091 — Build log: 'Loading...' note when 'Errors' mode is selected

TW-77777 — Kotlin DSL transitive maven dependencies aren't resolved during server execution

TW-74031 — Provide an ability to apply changed parameters for Amazon EC2 Cloud profile without Check connection / Fetch parameter values

TW-76404 — Merge launch types "shared AMI" and "private AMI" to the "AMI" one.

TW-80301 — Attempt to reload REST API plugin in runtime leads to endless errors in the teamcity-server.log

TW-80416 — Ensure cloud agents are removed by the end of agentUnregistered

TW-80367 — Wrong changes order for merged changes on Versioned Settings Change Log page

TW-79077 — Pull Request information may be outdated for 5 minutes

TW-79335 — Missing 'Show diff between expected and actual values' for the test

TW-79361 — Improve token's information for the case when user doesn't have access to Connection or connection was deleted

TW-79946 — Improve token's information for the case when user created token was deleted

TW-79947 — Small improvements for "Token" information in VCS root settings

TW-79952 — Don't show token_id as hint for Token field in VCS root settings

TW-79953 — Information about token looks strangely until VCS root settings were saved

TW-79955 — Acquire new token for Bitbucket Server/Cloud doesn't change username

TW-79246 — Update Token field when new token via connection buttons was acquired.

TW-79954 — ReAcquire new token by not owner of repository can break VCS root

TW-78931 — Ensure agent does not execute beforeBuildFinish

TW-79495 — Fix filters parsing for dedicated hosts

TW-80279 — REST API: BuildType compatibleCloudImages returns images that do not meet agent requirements

TW-80355 — Decrease the severity of log records about the Slack notifier problem to the warning level.

TW-80321 — Clicking through to Build Chains on a project switches you out of Sakura UI

TW-73489 — Teamcity Artifact publishing tar.gz fails with large group id error

TW-80252 — REST API: Non-consistent count response for resultingProperties

TW-79563 — Slack notification: sign in doesn't work on secondary nodes

TW-79311 — "Could not generate new internal id for external id" error on an attempt to copy a build configuration on a secondary node

TW-77341 — Build status is not being refreshed on the Tests tab

TW-77324 — Incorrect error message when specifying an unsupported number of batches

TW-77002 — Commit Status Publisher sends an excessive status update for optimized builds in a chain

TW-79202 — Permission issue for REST API endpoint when users try to create an access token

TW-73246 — On the build overview page, it's unclear if the build is failed or failed to start

TW-65058 — Dynamically show "Re-run this build" action when a build completes

TW-72751 — Move "Azure DevOps (obsolete)" connection to the end of connections list

TW-79859 — Null pointer exception calling buildQueue API since upgrade to build 117025

TW-78858 — Lots of logs "Failed to find agent type for agent ..." in teamcity-server.log after removal of a non cloud agent

TW-79229 — Set unique Display name for connection in Add connection Popup by default

TW-78029 — Personal change icon is not highlighted in Sakura for changes from current user

TW-79358 — Parallel tests feature should ignore builds with timeout problems when calculating test statistics

TW-78944 — Can't navigate back after navigating using 'chain' icon

TW-78502 — Navigating to /changes or /agents page adds two Browser history entries

TW-80162 — Overview tab test image metadata mouse left click locked

TW-80168 — Rename button Diassociate to Dissociate on Agent's pool page

TW-79589 — Parameters references in Docker container name are not resolved

TW-78111 — Add "Show changes from dependencies" checkbox to build's Changes tab

TW-79181 — REST API: Provide a way to delete SSH key from a project

TW-80169 — Kotlin DSL generates excessive UI Patch for 'branchFilter' VCS option parameter

TW-79092 — Build page belonging to removed build configuration hangs in infinite loading (/build/buildID)

TW-79336 — Infinite loader on build page in an archived project

TW-79095 — GitHub connection should check if stored token has all required scopes

TW-79515 — Main node can't take an exclusive lock if there is a sufficient number of non read only nodes

TW-79020 — Duplicate row exception in DBBuildHistory.addHistoryEntry

TW-73571 — New UI does not differ “Active branches” and “Default branch” with regard to Pending Changes counters

TW-78663 — Build Log preview on the Build Overview doesn't parse links

TW-79562 — Confusing error "Could not find the version file (metadata/metadata-version.dat) in the backup archive" when structure of archive with the backup is wrong

TW-79284 — Branch on a build configuration page defaults to <All branches> while loading, causing content jump

TW-74322 — Agent sidebar is scrolled to the selected item when I expand a pool or in image

TW-80094 — Warning "Could not delete build artifacts upload directory" in teamcity-server.log

TW-79704 — Test filter by status is malfunctioning

TW-79459 — New Build Step page: pressing "enter" button reload the page with

TW-79905 — It is not possible to navigate to a sub-section of "Edit project" menu

TW-80102 — k8s plugin doesn't track externally deleted pods

TW-80059 — Vacuum of custom_data_body table can take too much time if there is a huge number of dead tuples

TW-79966 — UnsupportedOperationException: 'getProject()' should not be called for class jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.impl.persisting.projects.PersistTaskSerializer$1

TW-77920 — SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException on attempt to change project visibility on the secondary node

TW-72938 — Misprint in "a"/"an" article when editing Azure DevOps authentication module

TW-80039 — Parallel tests: The number of batches must be more than 1 error without comma

TW-78890 — TeamCity S3 Storage requires excessive GetAccelerateConfiguration permission

TW-79513 — VCS labels aren't displayed on Changes page

TW-73108 — Make Two-Factor authentication page similar to the login page

TW-78625 — Not enough clickable space on the build line

TW-79131 — Build may be not stopped properly on timeout (cannot interrupt artifact publishing)

TW-79662 — An unregistered cloud agent is not recognised as a cloud one

TW-79690 — S3 storage: Cannot set "Multipart upload part size" to the minimum (5MB) mentioned in the field comment

TW-78839 — Consider changing order of build problems and changes in default notification template for failed builds

TW-66824 — Typo in Cloud profile. No images were found due to a error.

TW-78965 — NoSuchElementException in TokenAuthenticationModelImpl

TW-79914 — Kubernetes Executor: Remove mention of Kubernetes job from build steps

TW-79812 — OpenTelemetry Collector support

TW-79848 — Test metadata is not reported for finished tests in different flow id with test batching enabled

TW-63042 — Provide Switch to Sakura UI icon on the Disconnected Agents tab.

TW-77300 — Test History: Information about new builds is not displayed without reloading of the page

TW-62983 — Reason of build failure is collapsed in build log in the experimental UI

TW-63554 — Strange looking empty Repositories block in case when changes are not yet collected

TW-79396 — Infinite loading in the build type overview tab after pagination

TW-79083 — Can't open the custom/plugin tab on the Build Configuration level if the brach is selected in the branch selector

TW-79479 — JS Plugins are crashing if content is an empty string

TW-77991 — No information about reusing builds shown on the Chains tab

TW-78004 — No checkboxes "Show details" and "Group by project" on Chains tab

TW-78001 — Incorrect number of builds can be shown in the charts on Chains tab, if some builds in the chain were cancelled

TW-78046 — Expanding/collapsing of build chains doesn't work when one of the build was highlighted

TW-78047 — No way to see more when 20 build chains on Build Configuration Chains tab

TW-78045 — Build status is not displayed in the chain header on the Chains tab

TW-78661 — Clicking on the build status on the Dependencies -> List tab resets filters before redirect

TW-78044 — No comment about Marking build as successful is shown in Chains views

TW-78952 — Confusing message "Reused N build from previous build chains." can be shown for the first chain

TW-78940 — Incorrect chart will be shown on Build Configuration Page -> Build Chains Tab if the openned build was reused

TW-79081 — Broken layout on chains list, date is overlapping between lines

TW-79304 — Build 'card' on a dependencies timeline has weird height when opened

TW-79773 — Build is marked as failed when TC is fail to login to an optional registry

TW-79733 — There is no logging with a reason why some plugin cannot be loaded in runtime

TW-76549 — Metric http_requests_duration_milliseconds_bucket does not have le=+Inf bucket

TW-71538 — Builds with allure steps don't start after the main node responsibility is assigned to secondary node

TW-79014 — Edit Artifact Dependency: do not reset the branch filter when a new configuration is selected

TW-78773 — Update of the running builds state is blocked because of the thread which cannot send log messages to another node

TW-78618 — Disk space watcher does not watch for a disk space in the custom caches directory

TW-60872 — Failed to enable versioned settings for a project with a meta-runner if meta-runner with the same id already exists on the server

TW-79302 — Add a timeout for LDAP operations

TW-78828 — Unable to collect changes due to 'Ref is no longer present in the remote repository'

TW-78550 — RejectedExecutionException with the entire stacktrace is logged in BuildProblemInvestigationsAndMutesManagerImpl.submitRemoveBuildConfigurationScopedBuildProblemMutes

TW-78207 — param for projectName inside versioned settings' vcs root

TW-78802 — Wait reasons for a build sitting in the queue are not available on the secondary node

TW-78291 — number suffix contradicts to metric name Prometheus convention

TW-78690 — Avoid removing data from build_project table in parallel

TW-78727 — Wrong behavior of BuildServerListener.projectCreated event

TW-78905 — Confusing messages in the build log of the parallel tests umbrella build

TW-78806 — TeamCity reports inactive main node despite there is an active one

TW-72603 — ModificationStateCalculatorImpl$1: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot find a node: 52284612

TW-79400 — Build hangs for 12 hours with 'Error downloading patch into temporary file:... Read timed out' error

TW-78463 — --timestamp option of maintainDB shown as invalid

TW-78294 — Signed APKs fail to expand in the UI

TW-78413 — PerfMon tab should not be shown for a composite build

TW-78622 — Create project from URL page displays required DSL context parameters in random order

TW-78403 — Maven with TestNG and 'XML report processing' feature report @BeforeTest and @AfterTest methods as separate tests (only when using TestNG report type)

TW-71546 — Allow loading jira-cloud integration plugin on secondary nodes

TW-71547 — Allow loading webhooks plugin on secondary nodes

TW-79099 — Remote run with pending file marked for add leaves the file writable on the agent

TW-78250 — Passwords and tokens starting with a hyphen do not work for a git VCS root authentication

TW-78610 — ECS agent plugin spawns more instances than configuration permitts

TW-78919 — Perforce Shelve trigger does not work on secondary node

TW-78594 — Patches are upload according to default stream and not building stream with remapping

TW-79298 — Troubles when creating AWS Credentials on cn-north-1 AWS China

TW-79025 — Build with refreshable token can fail with error "could not read Password for repo"

TW-79100 — Token popup callback doesn't work if token was revoked

TW-79334 — Invalid field name "Callback URL:"

TW-78582 — Build status for Bitbucket Server / Data Center does not contain build number even for started/failed/succeeded statuses

TW-67037 — Slack Notifier - checkmark in successful build notification is gray in dark theme Slack

TW-78680 — Slack Notifier doesn't send changes from snapshot dependencies

TW-79175 — [S3 Storage] S3 artifact storage hanging/timing out with large artifacts after upgrade to 2022.10

TW-79463 — [S3] interrupt parallelized multipart upload on error

TW-79234 — Agent type is updated from agent without plugins (and runners)

TW-76009 — TeamCity Kubernetes integration prefers service account to supplied EKS credentials

TW-78458 — Usage of branch:(policy:XXXX) locator dimensions causes HTTP 400

TW-75156 — Add ability to sanely sort test runs by test name

Performance Problem

TW-79675 — TeamCity REST API computes pending changes without any limits

TW-81317 — Slow test metadata loading (hundreds of metadata items per test)

TW-81275 — Slow cleanup performance (15+ hours) due to slow removal of Investigations/Mutes

TW-75906 — very slow zip artifact browsing in web UI

TW-81136 — Checking for VCS changes monitor thread causes interlocking and a large queue of VCS polling tasks

TW-80963 — Build status recalculation queue can become overflown if many builds are finishing in the same configuration

TW-80602 — Speedup calculation of revision affected by checkout rules if checkout rules do not filter files inside submodule mountpoints

TW-79599 — Many artefactUpload.html requests can occupy all http threads and make server appear as hanging

TW-79703 — A lot of memory is consumed by FlowAwareIndexFileOptimizedBuilder

TW-78399 — Change the way of how experimental metrics introduced

TW-79567 — Performance problem during startup in the ProjectModelWrapper.putProjectInNewModel

TW-78800 — Contention on storing newly loaded VCS commits from the database can slow down startup of the server

TW-79634 — Collecting changes is stuck and builds are not starting due to requests to Run Custom Build dialog (runCustomBuild.html)

TW-78314 — Extracting tar artifact with large number of small files is extremely slow

TW-79568 — Performance problem during startup in ProjectCloudManagerImpl

TW-79407 — Agent unable to do anything with "unable to create native thread" error

TW-79451 — Memory leak in agent part of Telemetry plugin

TW-59444 — Slow commit hook processing (slow filtering of VCS root instances due to parameters resolution)


23 security problems have been fixed.

Last modified: 04 April 2024