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TeamCity 2023.11.1 Release Notes

Build 147412, 15 December 2023


TW-85393 — Bitbucket commit status rejected due to too long key

TW-85409 — Multiple Problems after Upgrade to 2023.11

TW-85386 — Test parsing doesn't work

TW-85310 — Access to Subversion (SVN) broken "NoSuchMethodError: 'boolean org.apache.sshd.client.future.ConnectFuture.await()'"

TW-84965 — Matrix build does not checkout from VCS root defined in DSL feature branch

TW-85398 — Predefined parameter is not available in Parallel tests and Matrix buids

TW-83797 — Personal access token with outdated or corrupted refresh token can not be refreshed

TW-79981 — Commit Status Publisher overrides statuses of newer finished builds by publishing statuses of older finished builds for the same revision

TW-85533 — Matrix build configuration: Set focus on Name/Value field after adding new parameter name/value

TW-85444 — LDAP sync retrieves only 1000 users

TW-85240 — Matrix build: Show one parameter value by default

TW-85507 — Re-run matrix build with OS parameter cannot rebuild virtual dependency: Cyclic snapshot dependency detected

TW-85194 — Allow to manually specify revision for Versioned settings VCS root, if there are no VCS roots attached to the build configuration

TW-85328 — Perforce: build continues executing even if there are problems during checkout

TW-84990 — NUnit parallel tests with Parametrized TestFixture run in one batch (case with brackets in classnames)

TW-85382 — Dependencies drop-down no longer displays branch name

TW-85203 — The favorite projects page after the first server start: Minified exception occurred

TW-85181 — Dotnet test with DotCover gets stuck with .NET 8

TW-85055 — Matrix build configuration: Sort the list of predefined variables

TW-80160 — Improve the warning in Compatible Agents tab if the project assosiated with pool with no agents

TW-63914 — Bad diagnostics when registering VCS root in build type which was not previously registered in the project

TW-85476 — Top block is not closed in build-log of personal build

TW-85283 — Incorrect and confusing message on the Compatible agents page if default pool does not have agents

TW-85357 — Exception in IntelliJ IDEA plugin

TW-74905 — Select agent in Custom run dialog for Parallel Tests build has no effect

TW-83449 — Environment Variables specified in not being passed when a Docker Wrapper is configured as an empty image

TW-72730 — Unable to delete unused maven settings file

TW-85404 — Virtual projects are not being removed if their parent project is removed from DSL

TW-61884 — It is possible to remove a parent project of some sub project via versioned settings

TW-85413 — vcsRoot.<id>.* parameters are not available in matrix & parallel tests builds

TW-79938 — Agent instances are not terminated, if Cloud image was deleted/changed from a secondary node

TW-82946 — Misleading warning during checkout process involving multiple VCS Roots

TW-84639 — Missing dependencies/tests in Matrix build status in a two-node setup

TW-82709 — Re-run build with customized password parameters uses initial parameter value

TW-85155 — Cryptic error instead of clear "Authentication failed" message on attempt to create a VCS root from URL

TW-84066 — "Test Connection" for GitHub App doesn't check the Webhook secret

TW-85329 — AWS Tel Aviv region is missing in region selector in AWS-related features

TW-82970 — Unable to set any value for configuration parameters with prefix "dep" using a service message

TW-83796 — Exception on token scope parsing

TW-84413 — TeamCity spams a lot of messages to teamcity-server.log and automatically saved thread dumps if GitHub Server is unavailable

TW-84469 — Update aws-java-sdk-s3 version

TW-83740 — Classic UI: changes dropdown is not visible

TW-83817 — Agen JDKs: can't download one particular JDK

TW-2068 — Provide information on reason builds are preserved during cleanup

TW-82710 — Retry trigger starts a build with ***** value for customized password parameter

TW-85004 — Clean-up is hanging due to inefficient query in VcsChangeTableCleaner

TW-84912 — java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Build has not been populated

TW-84957 — VCS Trigger doesn't start a build if per-checkin triggering and quiet period are enabled

TW-84925 — Default "Tools integration" role does not have enough permissions (for Youtrack)

TW-58596 — All numbers values of test metadata are showed as miliseconds

TW-84908 — NPE in jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.buildDistribution.WaitReason.getDescription()

TW-84713 — Request for agent files tree can fail with ConversionException exception

TW-83918 — Inconsistent disk usage information

Performance Problem

TW-85482 — Too slow revision computation (lots of time spent in CheckoutRulesRevWalk.collectUninterestingCommits)

TW-85326 — Slow preloading of test names when last used names cache is absent

TW-85164 — Slow loading of My Investigations page

TW-85342 — A lot of memory may be occupied by GitClonesUpdater

TW-84258 — Perforce Shelve Triggers may consume a lot of CPU


6 security problems have been fixed.

Last modified: 01 February 2024