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TeamCity 2023.11.2 Release Notes

Build 147486, 18 January 2024


TW-85832 — Docker exec overrides user-defined working directory

TW-85778 — logout function does not redirect to login page

TW-77502 — Secure parameters are not encrypted with the current encryption key after updating a project parameter

TW-85834 — Cannot override build configuration environment variables in docker wrapper

TW-84110 — Matrix builds overview: Dynamic status filters make parameters dropdown jumping for a running build

TW-85853 — Failed to perform runner finish stage jetbrains.buildServer.agent.impl.buildStages.runnerStages.finish.PublishStepStatusFStage: java.lang.NullPointerException

TW-85845 — [DOC] Bug or doc issue with default system properties in Gradle builds

TW-74850 — Copying a project adds VCS root to read-only _Root project

TW-85584 — agentPushPreset gets removed every time cloud profile is updated

TW-85618 — Cannot install plugins due to NoSuchMethodError during Ajax request processing.

TW-85563 — Project status is affected by last builds in virtual build configurations

TW-85787 — Build is stuck in Call Finish Stage when the build has already finished

TW-85417 — Switching Main node responsibility when a server is down blocks port 443 on that server when it is brought back up

TW-85027 — Incorrect calculation of unrelated builds in the new UI build chains view

TW-85775 — The link content regarding the "bug in the network settings" is currently invalid

TW-85897 — Exception on attempt to reload removed parent project from disk if it has virtual sub projects

TW-85902 — Virtual build configuration file prevents reload of the project on the secondary node

TW-85755 — Matrix build overview: Column names may not match table contents

TW-85466 — Fix message texts for new authentication functionality

TW-85753 — Impossible to enable DSL Versioned settings, if there are virtual projects without a prefix corresponding to parent project id

TW-85711 — Impossible to list Azure DevOps repositories with OAuth2.0 connection, if user has access to huge repositories

TW-85422 — Publishing of queued build status over final status for the same revision

TW-85287 — An agent waits too long to update after a tool/plugin is installed (in case where there are agents with a bundled JDK)

TW-85495 — TeamCity unable to start after upgrade

TW-85333 — Agent JDKs: remove mention of "tools" from the distribution table

TW-84896 — Agent JDKs: Multinode, distribution isn't build in case of JDK URL replacement

TW-85771 — GitHub App webhooks may fail if more than one GitHub App is configured for a TeamCity instance

TW-77823 — Experimental UI allows activation (unpausing) of kotlin-based jobs that are paused via code

TW-85690 — NPE and HTTP 500 when triggering a build via REST API if the payload contains the empty properties element

TW-85236 — Pressing of the escape key while editing Matrix feature closes the entire dialog

TW-85625 — Perforce: possible race condition when collecting changes

TW-83921 — Server tries to run two builds on the same agent

TW-85595 — Warning "Creating another checking for changes task for the build promotion" in teamcity-server.log on starting build in DSL feature branch with modified checkout rules

TW-83558 — Test history page is not responsive

TW-85156 — Queue status can be missed for BitBucket Cloud publisher

TW-85560 — DSL Security Agent doesn't allow reflection for classes loaded by same classloader

TW-83064 — Build status cannot be updated to success with service message if failureConditions.errorMessage is set

TW-85418 — "remove build" dialogue wording

TW-85472 — Artifact dependency by tag may not work if the dependent build is in the excluded branch

Performance Problem

TW-85640 — Exclude testOccurrence(count) from request on a build overview page

TW-85638 — Slow notification generation if build has a commit with huge number of changed files


6 security problems have been fixed.

Last modified: 18 January 2024