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TeamCity 2023.11.3 Release Notes

Build 147512, 30 January 2024


TW-85580 — Artifacts downloading can be broken if the same host as the Server URL and Artifacts URL is used

TW-84713 — Request for agent files tree can fail with ConversionException exception

TW-85966 — Matrix build overview: "Pinned" and "Favorite" filters are always disabled

TW-86011 — Versioned settings update can stop working in some projects if too many update tasks are created

TW-84305 — extra id paramter is committed to DSL Settings for awsConnection if Display name of this AWS connection was changed in S3

TW-83683 — Excessive "No builds found in whole build history" message when Search Dependencies in the List finds nothing

TW-82731 — custom build execution timeout in Failure Conditions is not displayed on buildTypeSettings page of a Composite build

TW-85999 — Teamcity no longer generates a test coverage report

TW-85718 — TeamCity is not picking up changes in Perforce VCS root

TW-85849 — On copying build step, generate step ID based on existing one

TW-85433 — Typo in "Add Custom Chart" statistics screen

TW-84517 — EC2 UI: do not clear entered server URL when selecting "Amazon EC2"

TW-83765 — EC2 Cloud Profile: failed connection to Amazon after choosing type of a cloud profile


2 security problems have been fixed.

Last modified: 30 January 2024