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TeamCity 2023.11.4 Release Notes

Build 147586, 4 March 2024


TW-86288 — If TeamCity is unable to reach, it can slow down the start of the builds as well as some pages

TW-86574 — jacocoReport.xml is created empty due to ClassNotFoundError (if non bundled Jacoco is used)

TW-86186 — AWS instance role/profile permissions no longer used by EC2 Cloud Profile in 2023.11.3

TW-86234 — Builds take incorrect revision if using settings from VCS and only negative checkout rules are defined

TW-86511 — EC2 cloud profile configuration missing agent push preset

TW-80467 — Cannot find a node:100479888 may occur when collecting VCS changes on the secondary node

TW-75123 — Log statuses from Commit status publisher to the teamcity-commit-status.log

TW-86261 — Regression: java.lang.InstantiationException: bean not found within scope while processing request

TW-84895 — Agent JDKs: Clean Up JDK distribution if it was replaced

TW-84805 — "Publishing build cache" build log is never closed after error, duration keeps increasing

TW-85436 — Build Cache: Support parameter references in cache names

TW-86166 — Update teamcity maven plugin to be compatible with 2023.11

TW-85243 — S3 Storage new UI: unnecessary patch is generated after saving S3 settings using UI after TeamCity update

TW-86255 — GitHub App installation token can not be acquired in Pull requests Build feature and Commit Status publisher if VCS Root URL has alternative scp-like syntax user@host.xz:owner/repo.git

TW-84599 — Log info about agent, selected based on CPU, build duration and agent priority, to teamcity-server.log (debug)

TW-82610 — TeamCity server can't automatically restart

TW-86244 — Cross-node event processing hangs due to a concurrency problem

TW-85794 — Failed muted tests may produce failed build if server was restarted/changes running node

TW-80270 — Flying loader on "show all N configurations"


4 security problems have been fixed.

Last modified: 04 April 2024