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TeamCity 2023.11 Release Notes

Build 147331, 28 November 2023


TW-41671 — Schedule a build in custom run dialog

TW-69433 — Support Perforce incremental checkout on cloud agents when the VCS Root uses streams/client mapping

TW-82136 — Support OAuth tokens in configuration of Pull Request Build Feature for Gitlab

TW-82623 — Allow creating custom parameter with type 'password' during build start

TW-80385 — Enable viewing of connection IDs in the admin UI

TW-21447 — REST API: move configuration between projects

TW-83399 — Allow to start TeamCity with database settings passed via environment variables

TW-84809 — Artifact-based Build caches Build feature for TeamCity on-premise

TW-76416 — Allow specifying multiple subnets and instance types for EC2 cloud images

TW-80477 — S3 storage plugin UI redesign

TW-76903 — Agent distributions with bundled java

TW-42533 — Versioned Settings for a build - Use snapshot dependencies stored in VCS

TW-72912 — Ability to deserialize a json to an object in Kotlin DSL

TW-80527 — .NET parallel tests: experimental filtering (test suppression)

TW-84103 — Agent terminal: UI rework

TW-3661 — Matrix build configuration

TW-80480 — Intentionally propagate AWS connection to child projects

TW-80303 — Project administrators should be able to forbid using AWS connection to expose credentials to build steps.

TW-45503 — A way to run history build on non-current revisions (from previous VCS root pointing to the same repository) after VCS root changes

TW-66908 — Favorite Agent Pools

TW-55612 — History for deleted cloud agent

TW-82888 — Build agent priorities (Amazon EC2)

TW-81027 — S3 Storage new UI: Add a button for creation of new AWS Connection if there are no any

TW-76331 — Allow copying a cloud profile image

TW-69971 — Add support for mac EC2 instances

TW-32542 — Allow to stream a file from agent into the build log while the build is running

TW-82141 — Support OAuth tokens in configuration of Commit Status Publisher for Azure DevOps

TW-82072 — Add Access Tokens support to Bitbucket Cloud integration for Pull Requests Build Feature

TW-72093 — Allow to configure P4 workspace name used by TeamCity for agent-side checkout

TW-70782 — Provide links to Space merge requests from the TeamCity web UI

TW-64640 — Support ignoring Draft merge requests in GitLab

TW-64696 — Pull Requests for Azure DevOps: choosing access token from connections

TW-81640 — Allow to pass TeamCity server responsibilities via command line

TW-82139 — Support OAuth tokens in configuration of Pull Request Build Feature for Bitbucket Server / Data Center

TW-82143 — Add "Use VCS Root credentials" authentication type in Commit Status Publisher settings for Bitbucket Server / Data Center

TW-82144 — Add "Use VCS Root credentials" authentication type in Commit Status Publisher settings for Bitbucket Cloud

TW-82146 — Add "Use VCS Root credentials" authentication type in Commit Status Publisher settings for GitLab

TW-81073 — Add "stop instance after build is finished" REST API method

TW-82556 — Add prometheus metric for agentless use

TW-83182 — Add an easy way to save existing AWS S3 Settings from old S3 connections to AWS Connection

TW-83288 — Use VCS Root fetch url host for Bitbucket Data Center Commit Status publisher if Bitbucket Data Center URL isn't defined

TW-83849 — Provide links to Space code reviews from TeamCity web UI

TW-81980 — Simplify creation of GitHub App and installation via manifest

TW-79777 — Swarm test runs: try to look up existing test runs and update them instead of creating new ones

TW-81250 — .NET workloads as agent parameters

TW-68345 — .NET Runner with vstest doesn't have an exclude assembly list

TW-68529 — Pull Requests for Bitbucket Cloud: ability to use Bitbucket Cloud connection as Authentication Type

TW-76616 — 2FA: allow to configure auth schemes which don't require second factor

TW-80982 — Publish build statuses to Space unconditionally, with no Commit Status Publisher configured

TW-80802 — It should be possible to specify build step ID/build runner ID in the TeamCity UI

TW-80648 — S3 storage: Integrity verification check

TW-65866 — Bold changes indicator in new favorites tree

TW-7852 — Ability to display relative times (start build based) in the build log

TW-78652 — Project level Space connection with dedicated Space application

TW-42783 — Enable steps to detect if previous steps have failed

TW-77000 — Dependencies List: allow to filter/search dependencies

TW-76742 — Add the Transfer Acceleration support to the S3 storage plugin

TW-78266 — Add Merge Result support for GitLab in Commit Status Publisher

TW-79854 — Support OAuth tokens in configuration of Commit Status Publisher for Gitlab

TW-50155 — PerfMon: show absolute values of memory usage

TW-79226 — Add obtain token button to Edit VCS root page for VCS roots created from Space using refreshable tokens

TW-75678 — Run AWS EC2 spot instance build agents using a spot placement score

TW-47050 — Allow to configure agent image to launch instance from last created AMI with given tag value

TW-77702 — Support refreshable tokens for JetBrains Space

TW-77313 — Add url to DslContext in TeamCity DSL

TW-75548 — Simplify UI for EC2 agents

TW-74127 — Sakura: implement Agent Parameters tab


TW-83821 — Refreshable tokens are not working in projects if they were originally issued in other non-parent projects

TW-55164 — Windows agent doesn't support windows 10 native ssh agent

TW-76456 — Do not allow duplicate cloud profile ids in the Kotlin DSL

TW-60493 — Versioned settings: allow to change vcs roots in feature branches

TW-80096 — Inconsistent test counts when using "dotnet test" and NUnit adapter

TW-82541 — Build queue optimizer can create build chains having dependencies on different builds of the same build configuration

TW-85014 — Gradle runner plugin size increased 20x times

TW-83331 — Table test_names can grow too large because of insufficient cleanup

TW-83971 — Possibility of a deadlock in OAuthTokensStorage

TW-83663 — REST API - builds with "failedToStart:true" don't show up in response when combined with "property:(name:XYZ)"

TW-82564 — TeamCity REST API may occasionally provide artifacts of another build of the same build configuration

TW-83158 — Commit Status Publisher doesn't remove Queued status for personal builds from Bitbucket Cloud

TW-83187 — Xml-test-reporting doesn't report test classes from NUnit v3 report made by Unity in Unity runner

TW-84049 — JaCoCo coverage isn't shown without any error

TW-82983 — Failed to resolve artifact dependency in multinode setup with external artifact storage if dependency and dependent builds are assigned to different nodes

TW-60923 — Agents restart after updating tools on Server

TW-80488 — Artifact dependencies setting from VCS are not handled correctly when modified in branch

TW-67979 — Altering dependency options in non-default branches of versioned settings may not take any effect

TW-83463 — All public repos are shown during new Project/ Build Configuration Creation, even if they were excluded in the "Repository access" setting of GitHub App

TW-81257 — Build Cache cannot be published, if contains file larger than 8GB

TW-85218 — Matrix build with execution timeout in DSL feature branch fails with unclear error "Failed to resolve artifact dependencies"

TW-83092 — Inconsistent test reporting in test runs launched from teamcity-csharp-interactive

TW-84399 — IntelliJ tool: installation retry, check if the distribution is already downloaded

TW-83920 — Kotlin DSL structure of Commit status publisher configuration for Azure DevOps must be actualized

TW-83841 — ReSharper Inspections: change "Download", "File" and "Folder" options in the R# CTL Plugins hint to the new ID format

TW-83982 — No enum constant jetbrains.buildServer.clouds.kubernetes.connector.PodConditionType.<pod_condition>

TW-84576 — Matrix builds: errors not showing on build feature form when saving

TW-81525 — cropped expand/collapse buttons in build logs in Safari

TW-84550 — Unconditional commit status publishing is executed for virtual build configurations

TW-81524 — Queued Parallel tests/Matrix build triggered by VCS trigger is not replaced with a more recent queued build

TW-84843 — Matrix build feature is present after changing configuration type from Regular to Composite

TW-79948 — Users with no access to the repository from VCS root, can acquire new token for this repository (except for Azure DevOps)

TW-84155 — Vault: Test Connection button returns connection successful on empty fields

TW-84825 — Build triggered on a branch which exists only in the settings VCS root fails

TW-83303 — EC2 Cloud Profile instantly terminates Spot Fleet instance if instance types were not manually specified in the config

TW-85137 — UnexpectedDBException in teamcity-server.log

TW-85103 — Space Application creation did not succeed

TW-84140 — Slack notifications are not working for terminated builds

TW-84317 — System problems reported by pull request feature are not cleared if multiple features use the same vcs url

TW-84357 — Matrix builds: "No compatible agents" message on manual build Run, if agent requirements contain matrix parameters

TW-84396 — Deprecated java health report always leads to the recent documentation version

TW-55960 — Secondary node shows zero build agents counter when main server starting up after graceful shutdown

TW-84073 — Page content should not be aligned centrally on the changes page

TW-82308 — EC2 Mac Instances: do not allow saving settings without specifying a Mac host tag

TW-85087 — Server may send agent for upgrade before it is fully initialized

TW-79307 — What is the wait reason "Overflow"?

TW-81527 — Open Terminal button is shown only on the Agent Summary tab

TW-84910 — [S3 Upload] Signed URL TTL expiration causes Upload Failure

TW-83559 — Change Bitbucket API URL from to in Pull Request Plugin

TW-84268 — New EC2 UI: Show image and instance names before IDs and sort the lists by name

TW-84962 — Kotlin DSL local debugging is broken

TW-84177 — The checkbox "Allow any OAuth user to log in" in Authentication modules settings can be confusing

TW-77914 — Maven error generating configs via Kotlin + openjdk-18: "The Security Manager is deprecated"

TW-82848 — S3 Storage new UI: Improve error message shown in S3 storage settings when broken credentials are used

TW-83185 — S3 Storage new UI: can't save updated Custom S3 Storage settings without rechoosing the bucket if incorrect Endpoint was used before

TW-84932 — Inefficient caching in Perforce changes collecting

TW-84915 — Artifacts of a nested composite build can't be downloaded if domain isolation feature is enabled

TW-60435 — System problem reported by Pull Requests plugin does not disappear after the corresponding build feature is disabled or removed in/from a build configuration

TW-71177 — Exception in the RunType.PropertiesProcessor process() method for one of the queued builds can prevent start of other queued builds

TW-83801 — Test connection for GitHub App connection should check installation functionality, not application

TW-83942 — Project disappears and "Critical error in configuration file" is shown after restarting the server when a project is copied with errors

TW-83763 — Teamcity failed to start with new PSQL 16, ERROR: unrecognized configuration parameter "lc_collate"

TW-51774 — Multiple 'Test Connection' buttons on any of the Add connection dialog

TW-82764 — Agent JDKs: add download progress

TW-83850 — Azure DevOps refreshable token info isn't shown in VCS Root page when token was issue via connection icon

TW-83253 — GitHub App: Improve error messages appearing during usage of the GitHub App Connection. Part3

TW-84225 — "Unexpected Error" in attempt to install the GitHub App to GitHub Enterprise if SSL certificate wasn't loaded or there is no connection to GtHub Enterprise Server

TW-84485 — Build Schedule: Canceled scheduled build is shown as History

TW-83208 — Matrix build preferred template's parameters instead of configurations parameters

TW-72890 — VCS root and build log should warn when a perforce client doesn't exist

TW-83628 — Build caches: "Publish only if changed" option does not work if build does not download the cache

TW-84339 — Cannot open artifacts folder with square brackets from the UI

TW-84375 — Investigation Auto Assigner doesn't assign anyone when composite build fails

TW-84596 — Failure to unzip a tool on an agent can cause permanent failure to install it

TW-53765 — runAs: unnecessary ERROR in teamcity-agent.log when runAs plugin is installed

TW-81481 — Add AWS region information to the credentials file injected when ProvideAwsCredentials BuildFeature is used

TW-83264 — Configurations with disabled cleanup rules prevent artifact dependencies cleanup

TW-58961 — S3 artifacts storage: Provide consistent way to configure proxy settings on build agent

TW-83885 — Avoid using Normal executor thread pool for upgrade/isLocal agent commands

TW-71098 — Build not grabbing latest revisions from P4

TW-84065 — Enable testOnBorrow and validation query for PostgreSQL connections by default

TW-39955 — Do not wait for an available agent for the build which will become failed to start due to snapshot dependency failure

TW-83312 — Builds fail on free disk space stage

TW-82939 — vcsRoot.<ID>.shelvedChangelist parameter is not available

TW-72739 — Branch filter should not be available on Project's Current Problems page.

TW-83266 — Perfmon tab disappears when Parallel tests are also enabled

TW-78117 — Docker container is created every time TeamCity agent creates new process in scope of one build step

TW-84278 — S3 should ensure its headers will only be fetched on AWS agents

TW-82406 — Cloud agent is terminated right after connecting

TW-84125 — Deadlock in HSQLMetadataStorage

TW-83716 — REST API plugin does not see ServerPaths Spring bean

TW-84545 — Unconditional commit status publishing is executed for uninteresting parts of build chains

TW-84583 — Token Authentication is not supported in "Use VCS root(-s) credentials" setting in Pull Requests Build feature for GitLab if username is defined

TW-84333 — Matrix builds: Empty checkout directory if checkout rules contain matrix parameter

TW-83181 — S3 Storage new UI: Storage settings (bucket, Transfer speed-up settings) reset after changing Access Key details

TW-83709 — Build.step.status parameter name differs from step ID for a meta-runner build step

TW-83695 — Copy Build Step action sets old-style Step ID Runner_X

TW-84062 — Auto-detected build steps have old style ID = RUNNER_X

TW-83451 — REST Builds Count -1 gets changed to Count 0 on nexthref resulting in internal server error

TW-84570 — Newly created Space organization connections always start as pending

TW-82846 — S3 Storage new UI: the artifacts published using Custom S3 storages can't be downloaded from TeamCity

TW-84345 — SpaceApplicationInformationManager.scheduleForConnection is invoked from projectRestored and fills up low prio executor queue

TW-84180 — Build Schedule: scheduled build should not substitute immediate builds from the queue

TW-84186 — StackOverflowError when trying to load a message from /app/messages

TW-84075 — Nullable href in Parameters should not be NotNull

TW-84323 — Clear Service Worker caches on Login page

TW-83626 — S3 Storage New UI: Connection field can be broken after changing the Storage Type

TW-83634 — No way to change the "Secret access key" using "Edit AWS Connection" dialog in S3 Storage Settings

TW-82827 — Disable first branch revisions tracking for Git and Perforce VCS roots

TW-83234 — Remote parameters DSL generating with extra empty lines

TW-81107 — Provide better DSL for AWS Connection

TW-83829 — Python executable could be found but not reported to agent parameter

TW-81847 — Test Connection for Azure VCS root can show incorrect status

TW-83100 — Add a hint for + and pencil buttons near the Connection in S3 Storage page

TW-54299 — Wrong agents mentioned on Build Duration graph with range All

TW-83178 — S3 storage new UI: Error popup doesn't close automatically after fixing the settings

TW-83101 — New Connection popup can't be closed using a hotkey if the cursor is in one of the fields

TW-84138 — "Undefined" build log filter after opening another build log with "Verbose" filter

TW-83179 — Can't save AWS Connection with incorrect STS endpoint from S3 Storage even if "Issue temporary credentials by request" was disabled

TW-83806 — AMI/template AWS name in Cloud Images list is loaded with visible delay

TW-83640 — [rest-api] java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Comparison method violates its general contract!

TW-71473 — Build triggers responsibility sometimes does not redistribute triggers among nodes

TW-34249 — Commit Status Publisher Plugin: Retry on network problems

TW-82881 — Token usage after application permissions were extended

TW-83992 — «Refreshable access token» option is missed in Pull Requests Build Feature when corresponding connections aren't configured

TW-83664 — Slow rendering of build dependenсies list after switch between tabs or filters

TW-83988 — Only one Bitbucket Cloud (and connection is shown on Create Project page

TW-82978 — DSL Validation is not processing for remote parameters

TW-83340 — TeamCity IntelliJ plugin sometimes does a lot of activity even if I don't use any of its features

TW-83896 — Projects Import in Cloud: broken link to the docs about moving artifacts

TW-83926 — Confusing documentation about custom checkout directory path

TW-83752 — Some build features (notifications, status publishing, build approval) don't work when Parallel Tests are enabled and execution timeout is not zero

TW-83708 — Assignment of an uuid to a build configuration which previously did not have one leads to lost history

TW-81834 — Incorrect resizable input fields in "Add New Parameter" dialog

TW-83635 — The dialog with the header "Add new AWS Connection" is shown during editing the AWS Connection in S3 Storage page

TW-83681 — Build Step ID specified in the UI is not committed to DSL

TW-83698 — perforce shelve trigger firing for an already ran build

TW-83263 — Parallel tests build feature can disable builds reuse if the build with this build feature is a part of a bigger chain

TW-83569 — There is no extra drop-down menu on the build log tab section for the builds batch filter

TW-82843 — Improve wording of the implicit requirements part in the incompatible agents section

TW-83693 — Space Connection: Connect button is not active

TW-83759 — Build which was not persisted to the build queue can prevent a start of another queued build

TW-83745 — "Detected TeamCity settings errors" message in the log when there are no errors

TW-82584 — Rerun silently selects the wrong dependency

TW-83174 — Docker exec events are not shown on Container Info tab

TW-83696 — Clicking on a link in Space connection causes edit mode to be opened

TW-81194 — An ability to see/copy full client ID for JetBrains Space connection

TW-83128 — Add a way to edit AWS Connection easier from S3 Profile settings

TW-82286 — Several issue tracker integrations with the same pattern can cause unpredictable behavior

TW-72738 — Provide a warning in UI when personal build cannot be started by Perforce Shelved Trigger as no matching user is found.

TW-81340 — Commit Status Published: information about build added to the queue (Started Build) is not published by a secondary node

TW-68421 — Report tabs in composite builds

TW-82884 — Powershell runner doesn't work on Linux when its configuration is initialised from the persisted state

TW-80188 — Commit Status Publisher for Bitbucket Server: Base URL is not filled from the connection when Access Token authentication is used

TW-83644 — Build appears in a wrong state if it could not start because the normal executor queue is full

TW-82951 — S3 Storage new UI: Storage Type for old storages can be different in the list of storages and the storage settings

TW-82682 — New EC2 UI: No explanation hint under the 'Use Default Credential Provider Chain' field

TW-62721 — EC2 cloud plugin ignores property denying usage of Default Credentials provider.

TW-82638 — Provide better error reporting in case when directory of file name for the artifact exceed 255 characters

TW-81267 — Changed Build Cache may not be published with "Publish only if changed" option, if Publishing rules contain parameter references

TW-82855 — S3 Storage new UI: "Unexpected error during Ajax request processing" warnings in teamcity-server.log

TW-83129 — Two parameters ID are committed with the DSL Settings for Amazon Web Services

TW-83130 — Better DSL for s3CompatibleStorage

TW-83133 — S3 settings are available for editing even if version settings are enabled with disabled "Allow editing project settings via UI" option

TW-83534 — There is no extra drop-down menu on the build log tab section for the builds batch filter

TW-76890 — No clear error on attempt to download artifact, if Transfer Acceleration was disabled in AWS

TW-82474 — New EC2 UI read-only: Some fields look more editable than others

TW-82385 — New EC2 UI Images list: Make image name a link to the Edit Image page

TW-82570 — GitHub App: User can't use GitHub APP Connection after revoking the token on GitHub side

TW-83006 — Swarm test runs integration when TeamCity creates test runs in swarm got broken in Perforce Swarm 2023.02

TW-83345 — Pending commit status may get stuck if a queued build is removed due to a failure of a snapshot dependency

TW-83225 — Sakura UI Fails to Display Certain Old Builds

TW-83307 — Tests are not always correctly matched on 'Compare Builds' page

TW-82734 — Unable to open the Issue Log page with the wrong issue patter for Github

TW-82763 — GitHub App: GitHub App access token in Commit Status Publisher and Pull Request build features stop working after copying project on the same level

TW-82629 — GitHub App: GitHub App Token is not a mandatory field in Pull Requests feature settings

TW-82678 — Error "Clear the browser cookies or restart the browser to log in." is shown after returning back to the login page

TW-82089 — Kotlin DSL of the ec2 plugin defines regions with non-standard names

TW-80189 — Commit Status Publisher for Bitbucket: Sort connections by Connection Name

TW-83439 — Source property in build docker step should be mandatory in DSL

TW-82147 — Unify OAuth 2.0 Authentication type in UI for Commit Status Publisher and Pull Request Build Feature

TW-82470 — New EC2 UI: Scroll to a first field that doesn't pass validation, if Cloud Image cannot be saved

TW-80294 — ImageBuilder plugin does not allow choosing security groups for target instance.

TW-83042 — "Create Space project level connection" wizard is shown even if project is readonly

TW-83237 — Progress messages in default flow are not cleaned-up

TW-82582 — provideAwsCredentials feature: Can't use env.AWS_SHARED_CREDENTIALS_FILE without explicitly listing it as a parameter

TW-80285 — The ImageBuilder plugin does not work on secondary node

TW-82715 — rest api: sequentially moving build configurations adds an excessive postfix in the name

TW-82112 — GitHub App: Unexpected Error in attempt to login to TeamCity using GitHub App with incorrect client settings

TW-83272 — Cleanup cloud images (agent types) from the database if they belong to non existing cloud profiles

TW-82810 — TeamCity hides an AWS access key id as a secret

TW-83103 — Allow using of public IP for source VM in AWS ImageBuilder

TW-23893 — Unique constraint violation when collecting VCS changes

TW-82933 — When a build is started via REST on a shelved Perforce change list, TeamCity should not fail triggering when there is no Perforce user match

TW-80291 — ImageBuilder plugin does not allow choosing VPC

TW-82514 — New EC2 UI: Consider hiding "User data" field by default

TW-82773 — New EC2 UI: AMI source=Own AMI is selected by default after changing image type from Instance to AMI

TW-82611 — Some Ant steps fail with SOE during logging

TW-80908 — Agent JDKs: URL field isn't cleared after the Add JDK window is closed

TW-82915 — Plugins Kotlin DSL is not recompiled after changes in main DSL

TW-79862 — Do not show hint about Parallel Tests in the .NET runner for non-applicable commands (Nuget)

TW-82819 — ImageBuilder does not work on arm-based agents

TW-48423 — Cloud profiles. Validate terminate Conditions fields.

TW-80293 — ImageBuilder plugin shows a subnet name as 'null' if the corresponding tag is missing.

TW-78630 — Agents sidebar shows either the 'idle' or 'disabled' statuses

TW-82765 — AWS AMI ImageBuilder failed to validate template

TW-81256 — Build Cache: Allow publishing caches from absolute paths

TW-81603 — If a popup window has a text field with a size grip, you can resize this field beyond the bounds of the parent window

TW-82560 — Updates made on the Service Worker validation phase do not trigger updates to main reducers

TW-78632 — Downloaded build log on expanded build returns the file in zip archive

TW-82539 — Ant runner does not respect reporter thread id for parallel tasks

TW-82190 — Exception in ProjectsModelListener.projectRestored (ExternalProjectModelEventsListener.resetCloudIntegrationStatusForProject)

TW-81845 — Test connection doesn't work if Azure token is incorrect

TW-79144 — Test Connection for VCS root with refreshable token can show nothing if the related connection was deleted and readded again

TW-80267 — Branch specification gets reset during attempt to import settings from settings.kts with context parameters

TW-82445 — Copying of cloud image resets the AMI source field to the 'AMI ID' option

TW-80938 — No errors shown while trying to copy versioned settings tokens with lack of permissions

TW-82386 — New EC2 UI: Open "Amazon tag restrictions" help link in a new window

TW-73553 — Display the space URL on From JetBrains space button.

TW-79207 — Refresh-able tokens are not reliably used when creating VCS roots

TW-74096 — MSBuildStep.MSBuildToolsVersion.V17_0 missing from Kotlin

TW-73641 — [S3 Storage] Cannot access s3 objects that were uploaded by another aws account

TW-82213 — Do not show session configuration field when Default Credentials Provider type is used

TW-82101 — The branch change is not affecting the build pager

TW-78606 — "Cannot get description for AWS Connection" is shown for the AWS Credentials build feature uses wrong credential

TW-81975 — Dispay details for the Disk Space Watcher health report on a secondary node without "Handling UI actions" responsibility

TW-74766 — "JSP pre-compilation failed" doesn't show additional information in DEBUG

TW-81800 — Error in event handler: Error calling method BuildServerListener.buildInterrupted for listener jetbrains.buildServer.server.parallelTests.ParallelTestsMuteInfoProvider$1: jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.impl.InvalidBuildPromotionException: Cannot find build promotion with id: 312428564

TW-72998 — Including artifact dependency changes in Changes count is not obvious

TW-81798 — Composite builds continue running if their dependencies can't start

TW-80211 — Resolve artifact dependencies rewrites artifacts cache, if it is already present on the agent, increasing the build time

TW-80400 — Finish build trigger should not trigger builds when original build finished long time ago

Performance Problem

TW-83063 — Cleanup of custom data storage data is slow

TW-84243 — Slow custom build dialog if there are many branches in dependencies

TW-84736 — Pull Requests plugin may slow down handling repositoryStateChanged multinode event

TW-83062 — Slow checking for changes because of slow calculation of additional branch spec

TW-78429 — Several queries for artifact dependencies contain unnecessary wide filters

TW-82294 — More than one checking for changes task can be executed for the same build chain

TW-82255 — Lots of detected commits in some VCS root can slow down delivering of the checking for changes result in unrelated projects

TW-82723 — Server becomes inaccessible in case of many favorite builds

TW-84618 — Inefficient checking for changes in Perforce (nested doGetPath2LatestRevision calls)

TW-84279 — Avoid revision calculation for the pure versioned settings VCS root

TW-83554 — New Test history page requests data which is only relevant for the queued builds

TW-83917 — Slow processing build agent messages

TW-83337 — Test metadata storage dictionary cleaner stops working if test_metadata table becomes large

TW-81876 — CoveragePageFragment.isAvailable becomes slow for composite builds with hundreds of dependencies

TW-83657 — Slow change details page if the number of affected configurations is big

TW-83447 — Slow SQL select max(mute_id), project_int_id, test_name_id from mute_test_in_proj SQL query

TW-82994 — Schedule trigger doesn't have branch limit

TW-82496 — Request for agent types spends time on loading invalidated agent types from the database.

TW-64960 — Slow persisting of changes if there are many merge commits and these merges affect lots of build configurations

TW-81830 — The large deployment section significantly slows down the build overview page

TW-81705 — Do not send requests when the section is collapsed

TW-82028 — Slow application of the versioned settings if the number of build configurations is big

TW-80217 — Do not write artifacts caches on ephemeral agents (cloud agents with "Terminate after the first build" option)

TW-80273 — Inefficient processing of the tests_unmuted event in the notifications event adapter


55 security problems have been fixed. Note that the absolute majority of the fixed issues do not originate from the TeamCity codebase, and are related to the updated 3rd-party dependencies.

Last modified: 08 January 2024