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TeamCity 2024.03.1 Release Notes

Build 156270, 3 May 2024


TW-87363 — Nuget feed auth fails with error 401, if NTLM auth module is enabled on the server

TW-86555 — Confusing message "Gradle's configuration-cache is enabled" in the build log if the old Gradle version and incorrect configuration-cache parameter are used in the project

TW-87322 — Upload custom tool fails with error "Failed to move the unpacked tool from the temporary directory"

TW-75160 — Builds in default branch do not start, if fallback to default branch is disabled

TW-87156 — Agent - Disconnected, Unregistered because of inactivity

TW-87460 — Build Status icons are shifted 1px left

TW-82824 — Agent checkout of TFS repo failed with "Problem while checkout on agent: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/activation/DataSource"

TW-82293 — "bean currentUser not found within scope" error in the logs when an unauthorized user opens a non existing page

TW-85720 — A lot of NPEs may be logged if caching estimator was unable to initialize

TW-87404 — Classic UI build status icons are always grey

TW-87162 — ClassicUI: Stop the run button disappeared on project/overview pages

TW-87243 — Request authenticated via Build credentials fails with "You do not have enough permissions"

TW-86963 — New EC2 UI User Data field: pressing "p" key opens project popup

TW-87025 — Empty response body for 401 unauthorized error in 2024.03+

TW-87336 — Misleading documentation for scheduled trigger with build change

TW-87242 — 400 (Bad Request) page at attempt to open overview of Canceled build that required approval from Untrusted build feature

TW-87170 — teamcity process environment fetcher plugin corrupted jar reported by TeamCity.Node plugin

TW-87274 — Bitbucket server: OAuth sign-in can fail to fetch current user

TW-87293 — "Internal error occurred" in Docker Compose builds running on podman agents

TW-86616 — Can't connect GitHub Enterprise and Space account with TeamCity user account in user's profile

TW-87198 — Add new parameter dialog: set cursor after parameter kind when system or env parameter is selected

TW-49917 — Allow to modify read-only parameter value when parameter spec is editable

TW-80888 — Images pushed by podman are not cleaned up by Docker support build feature

TW-49608 — GitHub publisher should parse errors in HTTP response and report it to the user

TW-86315 — Failed to perform checkout on agent: Problem while checkout on agent: java.lang.IllegalStateException: @NotNull method jetbrains/buildServer/vcs/perforce/ClientNameBuilder.getWorkspaceName must not return null

TW-87019 — refreshable token cannot be used in commit status publisher if vcs root is defined higher in the hierarchy than GitHubApp connection

TW-87024 — A build does not start for hours, until server restart

TW-87179 — possibility to obtain non-GitHubApp token with "GitHubApp token" authentication type

TW-86594 — Docker-compose runner doesn't work with a podman-compose

TW-87194 — Plugins which depend on rest-api plugin are not reloadable

TW-87195 — Implementations of JerseyInjectableBeanProvider in plugins are not registered in the container

TW-87097 — untrusted builds: excessive logging for canceled builds

TW-86577 — Retry trigger does not retry a build on the same revisions while there is a running build already

TW-86799 — Agent link for dead cloud instance should lead to a cloud image instead

TW-86773 — untrusted builds: auto-approval doesn't approve generated subbuilds

TW-87173 — Wrong time unit (milliseconds instead of seconds) in "Time saved by reusing dependency builds" statistic value

TW-87174 — "Time saved by reusing dependency builds = 0" is reported to statistics, if reused dependency was already running when composite build was started (optimized chain)

TW-87054 — Confusing logging of user creation

TW-87034 — Build agent's lib dir isn't accessible while building in a Docker container using a TC agent from a Docker image

TW-87132 — The Json body should contain a list of builds in the "Reusing Builds with Indirect Dependencies" section

TW-87093 — Add a note that no security patches are currently available for semi-automatical installation

TW-86852 — Visible HTML tags in displayed health items.

TW-86701 — Build Artifacts: files considered folders in some cases

Performance Problem

TW-87183 — Commit Status Publisher submits multinode tasks for all build configurations

TW-78253 — Slow triggers processing possibly because some of the VCS commits are unloaded from the cache because they are too old

TW-87192 — Improve performance of multi node tasks processing

TW-87133 — Improve performance of builds filtering with help of sinceBuild/untilBuild in REST API locator

TW-86794 — Project loading may consume all memory in case of a cycle

TW-86911 — Inefficient code in Change.isVersionedSettings possibly leading to higher CPU usage


2 security problems have been fixed. This number includes both native TeamCity issues and vulnerabilities found in 3rd-party libraries TeamCity depends on. Upstream library issues usually make up the majority of this total number, and are promptly resolved by updating these libraries to their newest versions.

To learn more about fixed vulnerabilities directly related to TeamCity, check out our Security Bulletin. Security bulletins for new versions are typically published within the next few days after the release date.

Last modified: 03 May 2024