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TeamCity 2024.03.3 Release Notes

Build 156364, 27 June 2024


TW-82176 — EC2 Cloud Profile: IMDSv1 metadata format doesn't work after upgrade to 2023.05

TW-87124 — Agents running from Windows 2024.03-nanoserver-2022 docker images become incompatible with some runners after restart

TW-87892 — Converter DownloadedArtifactsIndexesConverter fails during the update from TeamCity 7.x to 2024.03.x

TW-88068 — AWS EC2 instance agents can no longer authorize on start

TW-88441 — BuildLog is not displayed correctly for some of the builds produced by older servers

TW-87489 — "Build settings have not been finalized" for hours

TW-87693 — Agent service under Windows does not use bundled jre, and fails to start if JAVA_HOME is not defined

TW-84271 — Copy to clipboard in custom report

TW-88200 — Artifact dependency for filenames with '%' symbol

TW-87956 — Agents can be shown as compatible but can't run builds after removing a tool used in the build

TW-88208 — Agent-side NuGet Cache cleanup is interrupted if the process cannot clean it in under 1.5 minutes

TW-80350 — Gradle Runner in TC doesn't find tests with quotation marks in filter.

TW-87930 — ArtifactsStorage page is not available for super user in some cases

Performance Problem

TW-88123 — Inefficient DBVcsModificationHistory.getModificationsInVersionsRange() slows down REST API call


3 security issues were fixed. To protect customers who have not yet updated their servers, we typically withhold details about these fixes. Instead, we encourage you to review our Security Bulletin a few days after each bugfix release for more information.

Last modified: 01 July 2024