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TeamCity 2024.03 Release Notes

Build 156166, 27 March 2024


TW-81623 — Approval of "untrusted" builds on pull requests from forks for GitHub and GitLab

TW-84116 — Open the Agent Terminal in checkout directory if it is opened from the build page

TW-85424 — Calculate and store optimized time as build statistics in composite builds

TW-21673 — Support plugins/tools packing for executable bits support

TW-71916 — Support configuration cache in the Gradle runner

TW-79582 — Extending vstest command of the .NET runner to allow retry of failing tests

TW-85030 — Add dotCover runner

TW-84686 — Support kotlin 1.9.x

TW-21761 — Ability to configure submodule authentication different from the main repository one

TW-79525 — Redesign the "add new parameter" dialog

TW-85783 — Bundle Hashicorp Vault plugin

TW-19132 — Option to run the build even if artifact dependency failed to download (optional dependency)

TW-71308 — Support custom lfs URL and credentials

TW-77455 — More control over helix swarm review comments from commit status publisher

TW-80947 — Allow disabling Commit Status Publisher comments in Perforce Swarm

TW-84952 — Make it possible to remap VCS root fetch URL on the agent

TW-83261 — Expose information about the tests that were running when the build was stopped

TW-82632 — Telegraf as PerfMon backend to collect system metrics

TW-59046 — Extend PerfMon to track free space on agent during build

TW-84537 — Allow configuring a signal to terminate the build processes


TW-85960 — Matrix builds overview: all status filters become enabled when current filter is not relevant anymore

TW-86526 — Project whose uuid was changed cannot be loaded if it has a sub project

TW-80329 — Docker support build feature: The Docker events log shows image ID instead of image digest

TW-86040 — IntelliJ IDEA tool is added to the backup file

TW-84904 — Slack notifier health report works minutes and slows down generation of all other reports

TW-86896 — Docker Build Agent Upgrade Fail - Error deleting file: C:\BuildAgent\BUILD_147586

TW-85284 — Unable to log in from the IntelliJ IDEA TeamCity plugin

TW-86046 — NuGet feed does not work because of interlocking inside HSQLDB

TW-86078 — From the Agent Page the Agent Terminal should be opened in the home directory

TW-67253 — Update TeamCity version in Add/Remove Programs (Windows installations)

TW-81659 — Service messages notification to slack generates a link to the classic UI

TW-84732 — Build history page shows 404 request when select filter by tag

TW-86649 — Warning " Replying with 403 status for the unauthorized request: GET '/clouds/extensions/../cloud-list-image.jsp" in teamcity-server.log on server startup

TW-86401 — Project secret token generated via REST API can be lost after the server restart

TW-86735 — "Post code review comments" permission of a Space connection is falsely required to satisfy "Can publish build statuses" capability

TW-85829 — Agent gets OOM on reading server command

TW-86271 — Refreshable tokens can not be used in build features if the attached VCS Root is defined in a parent project

TW-85344 — .NET steps running vstest may produce directories going over the length limit

TW-84903 — Using deprecated dotCover on macOS leads to error about Windows without running

TW-86764 — Versioned settings on TeamCity throw java.lang.SecurityException: Registering shutdown hooks is not permitted

TW-86732 — Support paths with backslashes in executable-files section in teamcity-plugin.xml

TW-78649 — Make links in the notifications point to a new UI if user does not use a classic one

TW-86917 — Gradle build step does not pick up wrapper from non-default locations

TW-86481 — Pull request build feature does not provide parameters to matrix builds

TW-81675 — Improve agent configuration parameter for defining which container engine to use

TW-75291 — Noisy comments from Commit status publisher (Helix Swarm) when Composite build with retried tests changes its status

TW-84858 — Change Username/password authentication type for Bitbucket Cloud Commit Status Publisher and Pull Request

TW-86863 — GitHub Enterprise OAuth Authentication error isn't shown due to JSP error

TW-75682 — S3 migration tool. Do not throw exception when incorrect path to artifacts is used.

TW-86708 — .NET vstest command with Test names filtration runs all tests in test retries and Parallel test batches

TW-85611 — Warning about incorrect webhook will be shown during GitHub App Test Connection after the update of the Webhook Secret

TW-85612 — GitHub App test connection can show warning about Webhook secret for new GitHub Apps

TW-86728 — dotCover runner fails to run on macOS x64

TW-86740 — Remove /ntlmAuth/<path> from our documentation

TW-86458 — Improve error message during tool installation if TeamCity server doesn't have internet access

TW-85898 — Warning for the authentication module is shown without real reason

TW-18674 — Function "Run selected tests locally using JUnit" only runs one test and not all selected tests.

TW-86063 — Pull Requests build feature fails on source branch names containing brackets

TW-86041 — Root project's NuGet Feed page is unresponsive

TW-84394 — Matrix builds: Allow to view build logs from virtual dependencies from parent Build log tab

TW-85026 — Failure Conditions. Unlimited execution timeout not unlimited

TW-86635 — Node may lose just persisted attributes

TW-85023 — Ensure there always is a default version if at least one version of the tool is installed

TW-85970 — Show progress when analysing tool usages

TW-86576 — Remove failed to start builds limit from the retry build trigger

TW-86493 — Missing coverage when both .NET and NUnit steps with dotCover are added

TW-85246 — [COPYRIGHT] JBA Login

TW-86304 — Allow to install bundled tool with modified ID to data directory

TW-85984 — Add possibility to clean up failed tool installation

TW-86097 — Publish patched kubernetes-client as a proper pom

TW-86430 — No bullets for unordered lists in server health header from markdownMessage

TW-86428 — Analyse usages of old bundled Maven tools only on first server startup

TW-80926 — Improve error when pull request number is used for testing connection with GitHub Issue Tracker

TW-86119 — Kotlin DSL external process output is missing for local runs

TW-86470 — dotCover runner: command line doesn't use a command-line shell to run the covering process

TW-85520 — UI: Notifications center - server health items

TW-86301 — Maven tool version is not shown in tool list, if the server failed to install maven distribution

TW-86349 — Possibility of an NPE during agent side checkout in Git submodule misconfiguration

TW-86283 — Config persisting task created right before server shutdown can reset versioned settings project revision and disable synchronization

TW-86327 — Inspections (ReSharper) runner and Duplicates finder (ReSharper) runner do not work with R# command line tools that are manually installed via zip packages

TW-81386 — S3 artifacts upload: "Total upload time" in build log became strangely small

TW-85998 — Add new parameter dialog: Do not close "Run custom build" dialog after the reset of appearance settings

TW-79943 — Agent instances are not terminated, if Cloud Profile was deleted from a secondary node

TW-85838 — [AWS Cloud Profile] Agent pool defined from DSL isn't displayed in the UI

TW-85052 — EC2 UI: User cannot switch AMI source if "AMI tags" option was specified

TW-84664 — (JetBrains Space) Users with no access to the repository from VCS root, can acquire new token for this repository

TW-80180 — No way to choose if only one project from the pool or all subprojects will be unassigned if the project was associated only with one pool

TW-85954 — Branch label background is misplaced on My investigations page

TW-81801 — Add role dialog shows a hint that says that the role could be added with a build configuration scope

TW-80434 — Manual "Label sources" action creates git tag with tagging message "automatically created by VCS labeling build feature"

TW-81318 — Kotlin DSL does not use parameters if they have been deprecated

TW-85978 — Fix installation of dotCover 2023.3.* tools

TW-84271 — Copy to clipboard in custom report

TW-83154 — Free disk space feature cannot clean huge temp directory with OutOfMemory error

TW-85613 — Agent not found page for no longer registered cloud agent should have a link to cloud image

TW-85979 — Cannot expand folder in Artifact dependency change: Changes popup closes on every click

TW-84411 — GitHub App: Opening a Pull Request or Commit Status Publisher build feature takes a lot of time when GitHub Server is not available

TW-61829 — Investigation (mute) can be not removed when it fixed just after server start-up

TW-85517 — UI: Collapse health reports

TW-85748 — Jerky build configuration UI when there is a server health item to show

TW-85754 — Project export puts credentials.json.x files into the exported archive

TW-67058 — Out of memory error on agent during DependencyResolverImpl.cleanupDestinationFolders: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded

TW-56080 — Incorrectly parsed surefire XML reports when flakyFailure is present

TW-5816 — Test can be still regarded as running when build is finished on execution timeout

TW-85019 — Build on TeamCity: old temporary connection gets picked up

TW-85594 — [TC Demo Project] Make import work for projects with custom default branch in VCS Root

TW-85062 — Build configuration history page shows infinity loader

TW-82970 — Unable to set any value for configuration parameters with prefix "dep" using a service message

TW-75353 — Failed tests status is reported for canceled builds using Helix Swarm status API.

TW-69407 — Provide better DSL for GitHub Commit Status Publisher build feature with Access Token authentication

Performance Problem

TW-86743 — Perforce: slow collecting changes, many streams + large changelist

TW-67312 — Artifacts storage admin tab is slow

TW-86012 — Potentially slow Maven dependencies resolution while generating settings from DSL (SNAPSHOT versions)

TW-83341 — TeamCity plugin consumes a lot of memory even if I don't use any of its features


26 security problems have been fixed. This number includes both native TeamCity issues and vulnerabilities found in 3rd-party libraries TeamCity depends on. Upstream library issues usually make up the majority of this total number, and are promptly resolved by updating these libraries to their newest versions.

To learn more about fixed vulnerabilities directly related to TeamCity, check out our Security Bulletin. Security bulletins for new versions are typically published within the next few days after the release date.

Last modified: 04 April 2024