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TeamCity Release Cycle

The information on this page can be used for reference purposes only.

Generally, TeamCity release stages are:

  • Available under EAP (Early Access Program): usually available only for major releases, starts several months after the previous major release and several months before the next major release. Typically, new EAP releases are published on monthly or bimonthly basis.

  • General Availability: as a rule, there is a major release each 8 months. There are multiple bugfix releases following the major release. Bugfix releases and support patches for critical issues (if applicable) are provided until "End of Sale" of the release.

  • End of Sale – occurs with the release of a new major version. After this time no bugfix updates or patches are usually provided (Exceptions are critical issues without a workaround which at the same time allow for relatively simple fix and inability for the customer to upgrade for an important reason). Only limited support is provided for these versions.

  • End of Support - occurs with the release of two newer major versions. At this point, we stop providing regular technical support for the release.

The dates of previous releases and the sequence of TeamCity versions are listed here.

Last modified: 30 November 2020