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TeamCity Tweaks

This article lists some of the TeamCity server startup properties which can be used to tweak certain aspects of the TeamCity behavior. It is not recommended using any of them, unless you face an issue which you expect to address by changing the properties.
Please note that the support for any of these properties can be abandoned in the future versions of TeamCity without any notice. Thus, if you find a property useful in your environment, we suggest that you let us know about that. Detail your case and used properties/values in your support request.

Web Page Refresh Interval

You can configure different polling intervals (in seconds) for different pages in the TeamCity UI:






How often the server is queried for common events (like build statuses, agents counter and so on).
This property works only if the WebSocket connection is not available and polling is used instead.


The delay between an event (received via polling or WebSockets) and the ajax request to update the UI.

  • With WebSocket, a client receives the event immediately, but reacts to it after the specified interval; as a result, for example, a started build appears on the Overview page with a delay.

  • With polling, a client receives the event during the polling request determined by and reacts to it after the delay defined by for example, a started build appears on the Overview page after + seconds.







Last modified: 29 November 2021