TeamCity On-Premises 2024.07 Help

Visual Studio (sln)

This page contains reference information for the Visual Studio (sln) build runner that builds Microsoft Visual Studio 2005-2017, and, since TeamCity 2019.1, Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 solution files. To build Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 solution files, use the Visual Studio 2003 runner.

General Build Runner Options



Solution file path

Specify the path to the solution to be built relative to the Build Checkout Directory. For example:


Working directory

Specify the Build Working Directory. (optional)

Visual Studio

Select the Visual Studio version.


Specify the Microsoft Visual Studio targets specific for the previously selected Visual Studio version. The possible options are Build, Rebuild, Clean, Publish or a combination of these targets based on your needs. Multiple targets are space-separated.


Specify the name of Microsoft Visual Studio solution configuration to build (optional).


Specify the platform for the solution. You can leave this field blank, and TeamCity will obtain this information from the solution settings (optional).

Command line parameters

Specify additional command line parameters to be passed to the build runner. Instead of explicitly specifying these parameters, it is recommended to define them on the Configuring Build Parameters page.

Last modified: 11 March 2022