TeamCity Add-in 2017.1 Help

Local Changes window

ReSharper | TeamCity | Remote Run (Local Changes)

This window displays uncommitted changes in the source control systems enabled in the TeamCity Add-in options. Using this window, you can start a personal build to test your changes before committing them.

TeamCity Add-in: 'Failed Tests' window

Toolbar controls

/help/img/dotnet/2017.1/ThemedIcon.RemoteRun.Screen.[Gray].png Configure Personal Build Allows starting a personal build from the selected changes.
/help/img/dotnet/2017.1/ThemedIcon.Refresh.Screen.[Gray].png Recollect Local Changes Updates the window content to reflect your local changes in the source control systems enabled in the TeamCity Add-in options.
/help/img/dotnet/2017.1/ThemedIcon.ExpandAll.Screen.[Gray].png /help/img/dotnet/2017.1/ThemedIcon.CollapseAll.Screen.[Gray].png Expand All/ Collapse All Expands/collapses all nodes in the current tab.
/help/img/dotnet/2017.1/ThemedIcon.SelectAll.Screen.[Gray].png /help/img/dotnet/2017.1/ThemedIcon.UnselectAll.Screen.[Gray].png Check All/ Uncheck All Selects/deselects all modified files.
/help/img/dotnet/2017.1/ThemedIcon.FilterBySolution.Screen.[Gray].png Filter by current solution When this button is not pressed, the window displays all changes from the VCSs configured in the TeamCity Add-in options.
When this button is pressed, the window only displays local changes from the configured VCSs in your solution.
Note that this option only affects your local uncommitted changes displayed in this window. Please do not confuse this option with filtering server changes by solution.
/help/img/dotnet/2017.1/ThemedIcon.PreviewToggle.Screen.[Gray].png Preview diff with workspace version Ctrl+P Allows you to open the diff of the changes in the selected file in the preview pane, and place the pane on the right or at the bottom of the window.
To enable the diff view, you need to configure an external diff viewer in the options (ReSharper | Options | TeamCity | External Diff Viewer).
Note that the diff preview is only supported for Perforce and Subversion VCSs. Team Foundation Server does not support unified diff.
Last modified: 24 August 2017