TeamCity Add-in 2018.1 Help

Third-Party Software Shipped with TeamCity Add-in

ANTLRv2 Runtime License Terence Parr
Appccelerate.StateMachine 3.3.0 Apache 2.0 Appccelerate teamCopyright 2012-2017
C# File Resource Management Library 1.4.20150303.0 MIT Vestris
DotNetZip 1.10.1 License Henrik/Dino ChisaDino Chiesa
Json.NET 9.0.1 License James Newton-King
LevelDB 112.0.20180320.73326-eap04d License
MahApps.Metro Repacked License Jan Karger, Dennis Daume, Brendan Forster, Paul Jenkins, Jake Ginnivan, Alex MitchellCopyright © MahApps.Metro 2011-2017
Microsoft Expression Blend SDK 3.0.40218.0 License Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Microsoft Xml Document Transformation2.1.1 License Microsoft Corporation© Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Microsoft.Owin.FileSystems 3.0.1 License Microsoft
Microsoft.Owin.Host.HttpListener 3.0.1 License Microsoft
Microsoft.Owin.Hosting 3.0.1 License Microsoft
Microsoft.Owin.StaticFiles 3.0.1 License Microsoft
Microsoft.Owin 3.0.1 License Microsoft
NuGet.Core License Outercurve Foundation© Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
NuGet.Frameworks4.5.0.20180215 License NuGetMicrosoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
NuGet.Ultimate 4.5.0 License NuGetCopyright .NET Foundation. All rights reserved.
NuGet.Versioning4.5.0.20180215 License NuGetMicrosoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
NUnit 2.6.4 runtime for ReSharper test runner 2.6.408 License Charlie Poole
NUnit 3.6 runtime for ReSharper test runner 3.6.3 License Charlie Poole
NUnit 2.6.4 License Charlie Poole
NVelocity 1.0.3 License Castle Project, original author or authors
OWIN 1.0 License OWIN startup components contributors
DevExpress WinForms Controls and Libraries 2.0.20170610 License Developer Express Inc.Copyright (c) 2000-2007 Developer Express Inc.
SharpCompress - Pure C# Decompression/Compression 0.11.6 License Adam Hathcock
SharpZipLib.Stripped 0.87.20170720.14 License
Sprache 2.1.0 License Nicholas Blumhardt and ContributorsCopyright Sprache Contributors 2013
System.ValueTuple 4.4.0 License Microsoft© Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
VisualStudio Reference DLLs for AnyVs, Redist Private Build of Select DLLs 2.0.20141005.1 License Microsoft
Windows 7 API Code Pack - Core 1.1.20150225.0 License Chandrakanth Tati
WiX: Windows Installer XML Toolset 3.11.0 License Rob Mensching, Bob ArnsonCopyright Outercurve Foundation
WPF Contrib 2.0.20170610 License Eli ArbelCopyright 2015
xmlrpcnet 2.5.0 MIT Charles Cook [Abstractions] 2.0.1 License James Newkirk, Brad Wilson [Runner Utility] 2.3.1 License James Newkirk, Brad Wilson 1.9.2 License James Newkirk, Brad Wilson
YamlDotNet.Signed 4.2.1 License Antoine Aubry
yWorks yFiles WPF Complete 2.32.3 License yWorks GmbH 2014
Last modified: 20 August 2018