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Reviewing a teammate’s changes

As a reviewer you typically perform the following sequence of tasks:

  1. Go to the review and examine the changes.
  2. Leave your feedback and participate in discussion.
  3. Optionally invite other participants.
  4. Complete the review when you approve the changes.

Examine changes

When someone invites you to take part in a review, you’ll receive a notice in your email containing a direct link to that review. Follow the link to proceed to the review page. Its main pane displays the changes that took place in each file included in the revision:

You can go to a side-by-side diff view or study the whole file - just click the corresponding button.

Participate in discussion

You can post comments, addressing them to the author and other participants, and reply to the comments left by others. There are three types of comments:

  • Review comment is not tied up to any particular file or part of code - its subject matter may be anything within the scope of the review.

  • Code selection comment is intended to pinpoint a particular code fragment in one of the files being reviewed.

  • Line comment is associated with a specific line of code. Posted code selection comments and line comments are embedded in code and highlighted with yellow.

To post a review comment, type your message in the text field at the bottom and click Add Comment:

To post a code selection comment:

  1. Open the file and go Side-by-side diff or View file.

  2. Select the lines you want to discuss and choose Comment on selection from the pop-up menu.

  3. Type in your message and click Add Comment:

To post a line comment:

  1. In the review home view, select the line you want to comment on by clicking it.

  2. To leave a line comment, go to the review home view, expand the file and select the line you want to comment on by clicking the edit icon to the left:

    Add line comment

  3. Enter your message in the text box and click Add comment:

    Add line comment

When a discussion thread comes to a logical end, either you or the author can mark it as resolved.

Invite participants

Add participants as reviewers or watchers depending on the action you want them to take. To add a reviewer or a watcher:

  1. Open the review and under the Overview tab click the plus sign below the corresponding heading.

  2. Select the name from the pop-up list:

You can also add watchers while posting a comment - just type @ in the text field and the same list will appear.

You can add as many participants as you wish and whenever you wish. The people you add are notified via e-mail and Upsource news feed.

To remove a participant, click on its user pic and confirm the deletion:

Remove participant

Complete review

When you’re satisfied with the changes and consider your work done, you can mark the review as complete:

Complete review