Upsource Web Help

Comparing revisions and branches

The Compare page allows you to view the differences between the specified branches or commits.

To open the Compare page, click Compare at the top of the project home page:


  1. Type in IDs of the revisions or branches that you want to compare into the text fields:

    Branches can be also selected from the drop-down list:

  2. Click Compare

Note: If you specify a branch ID, the top revision of the specified branch will be taken for comparison.

The Commits tab displays the commits that took place between the revisions listed in chronological order:

You can expand or open each entry to view an inline diff, the same as with the revision view

The Files tab lists the files associated with those commits:

Files that have been deleted or added are marked with the red minus and green plus icons correspondingly.

Click a file name to show an inline diff for for that file.