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Common issues with Upsource

This document lists common issues that Upsource users and administrators face and suggests solutions.

Following data restore from Upsource 1.0 EAP build, Upsource doesn’t switch EAP license to a free 10-user license


This issue only affects Upsource users who have taken part in Upsource 1.0 Early Access Program.

After backing up project data from a pre-release build, upgrading to the release build of Upsource 1.0 (1.0.12551) and restoring project data, Upsource may not switch from a EAP license to the bundled release license allowing free use of Upsource with up to 10 users. The erroneously preserved EAP license however manifests itself as expired and does not allow using Upsource.


Instead of the expired EAP license, please enter the following license name/key combination:


Upsource 1.0 Free 10 Users Pack


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