Upsource Web Help

Searching for revisions

The search field at the top of the revisions list on the project home page allows you to find a specific revision using various search criteria:

Search by Description Example
Commit ID Type in id: then enter the ID number. id: 39fa60b
Commit message Type in one or more words you expect the commit message to contain. You can also specify discrete phrases in quotation marks. TemplateSubstitutor implemented
Branch Type in branch: then enter the branch name or select it from the drop-down list. branch: Idea14.0.2_EAP_139_560
Commit author Type in author: then enter the username enclosed in curly brackets or select it from the drop-down list. author: {Travis Wickett}
File name or path Type in path: then enter the path and/or file name or select it from the drop-down list path: /CourseCreator.iml

You can also:

  • Search for commits adjacent to the specified commit ID

    Example: around: 39fa60b

  • Search for time spans

    Example: after: 2014-Nov-15 and before-eq: 2014-Dec-01 will return all the commits made between the specified dates including the closing one.

  • Perform complex searches combining different criteria and binary operators (and, or, not)

    Example: author: {Travis Wickett} and (after: 2014-Nov-15 and before: 2014-Dec-01) will return all the commits made by the specified author during the specified period of time. `