Upsource Web Help

Starting and stopping Upsource

Note: All commands listed below are Windows commands. If you’re working on a Linux or Mac OS X server, simply replace .bat with .sh. For Mac OS X or Linux, please make sure to start Upsource as a non-root user.

Running Upsource as a background process

To start Upsource, run the following command:

<upsource_home>\bin\upsource.bat start

When you run Upsource for the first time, it will open the Installer page in your default browser, where you can specify the following initial settings:

  • Base URL - you might want to change the default value if:
    • your server has several DNS interfaces and you wish to make Upsource accessible by a particular DNS interface;
    • you have set up Upsource to work behind reverse or terminating HTTP proxy (see Installing and configuring) - in this case the new value should match the base URL you’ve set before.
  • Application Listen Port - you can change the default port that Upsource will use for HTTP communications.
  • Administrator login and password - specify login name and password for your administrator account.
  • Send usage statistics anonymously - keep this option checked to help us make Upsource better. We never share collected data with any third party.

Click Install when you’re done.

Upsource will open its welcome page (http://your-host-name:port_for_upsource/bundle/starting/) which will also be opened upon any consequent startup.

Running Upsource as a Windows Service

To start Upsource, run the following command:

<upsource_home>\bin\upsource.bat service install /runAsSystem

To start Upsource with another user account, run the following command:

<upsource_home>\bin\upsource.bat service install /user=<user> [/domain=<domain>] /password=<password>


To stop Upsource, run the following command:

<upsource_home>\bin\upsource.bat stop


To restart Upsource, run the following command:

<upsource_home>\bin\upsource.bat restart

Displaying other commands

To explore other commands that Upsource provides, such as those for running in the current console, configuring, and displaying status, run

<upsource_home>\bin\upsource.bat ?