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Third-party software shipped with Upsource

The following is an alphabetical list of projects that develop third-party libraries used by and distributed with JetBrains Upsource.

Note that parts of JetBrains’ own IntelliJ IDEA and some of its plugins are distributed as part of Upsource. Therefore, in addition to the list below, Upsource may contain some of the third-party software used in IntelliJ IDEA.

Project License
Apache Axis Apache 2.0
Apache Cassandra Apache 2.0
Apache Commons Apache 2.0
Apache HttpComponents Apache 2.0
Apache log4j Apache 2.0
Apache Lucene Apache 2.0
Apache Maven Apache 2.0
Apache Thrift Apache 2.0
Apache WS Common Utilities Apache 2.0
Apache Xerces Apache 2.0
Apache XML-RPC Apache 2.0
AspectJ Apache 2.0
Bean Validation API Apache 2.0
BSON for Jackson Apache 2.0
CAxis Labels Plugin for flot MIT
Central Authentication Service (CAS) Apache 2.0
cglib Apache 2.0
CLI Parser Apache 2.0
Cliche MIT
CodeMirror MIT
Common Annotations for the Java Platform API CDDL + GPLv2 with classpath exception
CurvedLines MIT
DataStax Java Driver for Apache Cassandra Apache 2.0
dk.brics.automaton BSD
Eclipse Jetty Apache 2.0 + EPL 1.0
Eclipse JGit EPL 1.0
Ehcache Apache 2.0
es5-shim MIT
Flot MIT
FreeMarker Apache 2.0
gflogger Apache 2.0
GitHub Java API EPL 1.0
Google Gson Apache 2.0
Groovy Apache 2.0
Guava: Google Code Libraries for Java Apache 2.0
Guice Apache 2.0
GWT Apache 2.0
handlebars MIT
Hibernate JPA EDL 1.0
Hibernate Validator Apache 2.0
HTML Parser CPL 1.0
HtmlCleaner BSD
HyperSQL BSD-like
Indent Guides for Brackets MIT
Jackson Apache 2.0
Jakarta Commons HTTP Client (Apache HttpComponents) Apache 2.0
Jasig Person Directory Apache 2.0
Java API for WebSocket CDDL 1.1 + GPL 2
Java Native Access (JNA) Apache 2.0
Java Servlet API CDDL + GPLv2 with classpath exception
Java Standard Edition Runtime Environment (Java SE) Oracle Binary Code License Agreement for the Java SE Platform Products and JavaFX
Java Transaction API Custom license
java-image-scaling BSD New (BSD 3)
JavaBeans Activation Framework CDDL 1.0
JavaEWAH Apache 2.0
JavaMail API CDDL 1.1 + GPL 2
Javassist MPL, LGPL or Apache 2.0
Jaxen Jaxen license
JDOM Custom license
Jersey CDDL 1.1 + GPL 2
JLine BSD 2
Joda-Time Apache 2.0
jQuery MIT
jQuery Cookie Plugin MIT
jQuery debounce and throttle plugin MIT
jQuery Timepicker Addon MIT
jQuery UI MIT
jsch-agent-proxy BSD
JSR116e CC0 1.0
jSSLutils BSD New (BSD 3)
JUnit EPL 1.0
LMAX Disruptor Apache 2.0
LZ4 Java Apache 2.0
Metrics Apache 2.0
Mime Type Detection Utility Apache 2.0
Modernizr MIT
Moment.js MIT
named-frames MIT
NanoXML Zlib
NekoHTML Apache 2.0
Netty Apache 2.0
Netty-socketio Apache 2.0
openid4java Apache 2.0
PicoContainer BSD
Protocol Buffers Custom license
Protostuff Apache 2.0
Quartz Apache 2.0
Recaptcha4j Apache 2.0
Reflections WTFPL
Remarkable MIT
RRD4J Apache 2.0
Sequence Library Custom license
Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J) MIT
Smack API Apache 2.0
snappy-java Apache 2.0
SOAP with Attachments API for Java (SAAJ) Custom license
Socket.IO MIT
Spring Framework Apache 2.0
SQLJet Commercial (via SVNKit)
StickyTableHeaders MIT
SVNKit Commercial
The Standard Implementation for JAX-RPC CDDL 1.0
TotalStorage MIT/GPL
Trilead SSH-2 Custom license
Trove LGPL
UrlRewriteFilter BSD New (BSD 3)
Web Services Description Language for Java Toolkit (WSDL4J) CPL 1.0
Xml Pull Parser Apache 1.1
XStream BSD