Upsource Web Help

Upsource UI overview

When you open up Upsource you’ll see a general entry page which displays all configured projects listed in the alphabetical order. Each project corresponds to a specific VCS repository:

To open a particular project, just click its name. You’ll be redirected to the project home view:

  1. Revision list displays recent revisions in chronological order. Each entry includes:

    • committer userpic (if any)
    • committer username
    • commit message
    • revision ID
    • commit timestamp (when the commit took place)
    • review icon review icon and ID linking to the review (if this revision is included in a review)
  2. Commit graph visualizes the history of commits, branches, and merges

  3. News feed tab
    • All: displays recent events across the project such as discussion comments or code review status updates
    • Personal: displays recent events that only apply to you
  4. Reviews tab
    • All: displays all recent reviews in the current project
    • My reviews: lists the reviews in which you participate or are expected to participate
  5. Recent files tab: displays the list of files that you’ve recently viewed

  6. Search for revisions by authors, time spans, branches etc.

  7. Search for specific files, symbols, and text

  8. Help: click to view Upsource documentation

  9. User settings: configure your personal preferences for viewing code and sending notifications

  10. User icon: click to go to your profile page, switch to administration mode (if you have administrative permissions), or log out of Upsource