Getting started with Upsource

Hello, and welcome to JetBrains Upsource documentation!

The documentation aims to give you detailed instructions on nearly every aspect of using and administering Upsource and hopefully has answers to most of your questions. However if you don’t find here what you’re looking for, feel free to refer to Upsource support resources.

If you are an administrator and want to get Upsource up and running, please read about things to check before starting up first, then follow the installation & configuration and starting & stopping instructions.

Read about Upsource projects and learn the concepts behind Upsource user and project management

Alternatively, if you feel confident enough, jump right ahead to creating your first project, creating users, and setting up e-mail notifications.

If you are a developer and want to get a head start on using Upsource, you can first familiarise yourself with basic Upsource UI elements, then, depending on your actual task, get a relevant advice on: