Requesting a code review

If you want your teammate to review the changes you’ve committed, you need to create a new review or attach your revision to an existing one.

  1. Display the Version Control tool window by selecting ViewTool WindowsVersion Control and go to the Log tab.

  2. Select one or more revisions you want to include in the review then choose Upsource &rarr Review from the context menu:

  3. Check Create review (or you can choose to attach the revisions to an already existing review):


  4. Then pick one or more reviewers and, optionally, watchers:


  5. Click OK - a new review should be created and participants notified. Now you can go to the Reviews tool window to edit this review and post comments.

You can also create a review for the changes you are about to commit or attach them to an existing review. For that, select the corresponding option in the Commit Changes dialog window before completing your commit:


Note: A code review will be created only after the change has been pushed. If there were conflicts, and the commit didn’t get through, no code review will be created.