Searching news feed

You can search news feed messages across entire Upsource or selected projects using a wide range of search criteria.

To find a specific message:

  1. On the Upsource entry page or a project home page, go to the News feed tab located in the right pane. Note: When you are on a project page, your search is always limited to that particular project. To search across entire Upsource, go to an entry page where all projects are listed.

  2. Enter your query in the search text field. You can use a drop-down menu to select attributes and values; your recent queries can be also found there:


  3. Inspect the search results and filter them out if necessary by refining your query.

In addition to words and phrases, you can use attribute-value pairs to narrow down your search.

Attribute Value Meaning Example
Commit: commit ID Search for messages that contain a specified commit ID commit: 39fa60b
User: Upsource user name Search for messages that contain a specified user name user: Andrea DeLacey
Review: review ID Search for messages that contain a specified review ID review: JD-CR-20
Project: project ID Search for messages in a specified project project: JB Demo