Viewing history of changes in a repository

When you open up Upsource you’ll see the list of configured projects, where each project corresponds to a specific VCS repository. To open a particular project, just click its name. The project home view will be displayed:

project home

In the main pane you see a list of recent revisions of that project displayed in chronological order.
Each entry shows:

  • a committer userpic (if any)
  • a committer username
  • a commit message
  • a revision ID
  • a commit timestamp (when the commit took place)
  • a review icon review icon and ID linking to the review (if this revision is included in a review)


The list is displayed in a Full view by default. Switching to a Compact view hides userpics and lets the list take less space in your browser window:


Clicking More at the bottom of the list brings out the next portion of older revisions.

The list of revisions is accompanied by a commit graph that helps visualize the history of commits, branches, and merges in your repository: