Upsource 2.5 Help

Searching news feed

You can search news feed messages across entire Upsource or selected projects using a wide range of search criteria.

To find a specific message:

  1. On the Upsource entry page or a project home page, go to the News feed tab located in the right pane.
  2. Enter your query in the search text field. You can use a drop-down menu to select attributes and values; your recent queries can be also found there:
  3. Inspect the search results and filter them out if necessary by refining your query.

In addition to words and phrases, you can use attribute-value pairs to narrow down your search:

Attribute Value Meaning Example
Commit: commit ID Search for messages that contain a specified commit ID commit: 39fa60b
User: Upsource user name Search for messages that contain a specified user name user: Andrea DeLacey
Review: review ID Search for messages that contain a specified review ID review: JD-CR-20
Project: project ID Search for messages in a specified project project: JB Demo
Project: Discussion label Search for messages marked label: bug

And predefined shortcut keywords:

Keyword Meaning
#my Show messages that are only relevant to you (a logged in user)
#review Show only unread discussion comments
Last modified: 14 September 2016