Upsource 2017.1 Help

Creating your first project

To add your first project in Upsource:

  1. Log into Upsource using the administrator account. Non-admin user accounts are not eligible to create new projects.
  2. Click Create a project.

    If your repository is located on GitHub, click Connect to GitHub then follow this instruction.

  3. In the Create Project page, specify the settings for your project under the following tabs:

When you are done filling in the form, click Create Project (or Save changes if you're editing)

You'll be redirected to the Administration view (http://your-host-name:port_for_upsource/administration) that shows a status summary for the project.

Meanwhile Upsource will start loading commit information from the repository, then fetching and indexing repository content.

All this could take a while for larger projects (up to several hours.) To track indexing progress, hover over the project name. You will most probably not be able to work with the project before these steps complete.

Upon completing them, Upsource will allow browsing code in revisions, displaying diffs in revisions, create and process code reviews etc.

Last modified: 13 July 2017