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Discussion comments

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You can post comments, addressing them to other participants, and reply to the comments left by others.

A discussion can consist of one or more comments (replies).

To address your comment to a specific person, just type @ in the text field followed by his/her username (you can choose it from the pop-up list).

There are three types of comments:

  • Review comment is not tied up to any particular file or part of code — its subject matter may be anything within the scope of the review.
  • Code selection comment is intended to pinpoint a particular code fragment in one of the files being reviewed.
  • Line comment is associated with a specific line of code.

Comments that are relevant to you also appear in the news feed.

Posting comments

To post a review comment

  1. On the Review page, select Review summary (it's the default view).
  2. Enter your message in the text box and click Add comment:

To post a line comment

  1. On the Review page, select the desired file to display the inline diff:
  2. Select the line you want to comment on by clicking the edit icon to the left:
    Add line comment
  3. Enter your message in the text box and click Add comment:
    Add line comment

To post a code selection comment:

  1. On the Review page, select the desired file and go to Side-by-side diff or View file.
  2. Select the lines you want to discuss and choose Comment on selection from the pop-up menu.
  3. Type in your message and click Add Comment

Posted code selection comments and line comments are embedded in code and highlighted with yellow.


When a discussion thread comes to a logical end, either you or the reviewer can mark it as resolved.

Discussion options

Place your cursor over the comment to make the options visible:
comment tools
  • comment timestamp icon Click the timestamp to open the Discussions page where you can view, filter and search all discussions in the project.

  • comment edit icon Click to edit you comment.

  • comment link icon Click to follow a permanent link to the discussion.

  • comment sync icon Indicates that the comment is synced with GitHub (in GitHub projects).

  • comment reactions icon Click to choose and add a reaction to the comment.

  • comment resolve icon Click to mark the discussion as Resolved when a discussion thread comes to a logical end.

  • comment reply icon Click to reply to the comment.

  • comment labels icon Clck to add a label to the discussion. See Discussion Labels for details.

Last modified: 28 February 2018

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