Upsource 2020.1 Help

Code intelligence is not available

Code insight in Maven or Gradle based project is not working. The code analysis status indicator remains grey.


  1. Double-check that you have enabled code intelligence and set properties correctly when creating your Upsource project, including a correct path to project model. Edit if necessary.

  2. If it doesn't help, contact Upsource support and describe your problem. Please include a mvn.out or gradle.out file (for Maven or Gradle project correspondingly) with your inquiry.

To find mvn.out (or gradle.out) file:

  1. Download the zipped generated tree at the following URL: <Your_Upsource_URL>/~generatedTree/<Project_ID>:<Revision_ID>

    Where <Revision_ID> is an ID of the revision which lacks code intelligence.

  2. Find the mvn.out (or gradle.out) file in that tree.

    If no such file exists:

  3. Navigate to /.idea/

  4. Open and copy the revision ID

  5. Download the generated tree again, replacing the revision ID in the URL with the one you've copied.

  6. Find the mvn.out (or gradle.out) file in that tree.

Last modified: 02 April 2021