Upsource 2020.1 Help

Creating a project—Integration

Build server

Specify an authentication token for integration with a CI server. It can be a random string or login:password, depending on your CI server. The CI server will use the token to push build statuses to Upsource. See CI server integration for details.

Upsource can detect references and turn them into hyperlinks. For example, issue references mentioned in commit messages or discussion comments (such as Fix issue PRJ-123) can be recognized by Upsource and linked to the corresponding issues in your issue tracker.

Click Add link and specify your issue tracker's URL and an issue ID pattern.

For example, if the issue ID consists of letters that identify the project followed by an issue number (e.g. PRJ-123 ), you should specify the following pattern:


Where curly brackets {} represent and capture whatever the issue number is mentioned.

With the above configuration example, Upsource will convert the string PRJ-123 into the link

You can specify more that one pattern by clicking Add link again.

Issue tracker

Integration with a known issue tracker enables additional features such as creating issues from code reviews and discussions.

Currently Upsource can integrate with YouTrack and Jira.

Please refer to Issue tracker integration for detailed instructions.

Last modified: 02 April 2021