Upsource 2020.1 Help

Hub. User and project management

JetBrains Hub provides user authorisation and user management across all JetBrains services and applications connected to it. Essentially, Hub provides a single point of entry for user management across all the software you use in your daily routine: build server, issue tracker, IDEs, code review software, etc. When you log in to a Hub-connected service, Hub will verify your password and login permissions.

Using Hub for single sign-on (SSO), you need only one user account to access all connected services. That is, you only need to log in/out once, to Hub or to any service connected to Hub, and you will be automatically logged in/out to/from all other connected services.

Hub also manages the information held about you as a user of various connected services:

  • Your login credentials and permissions.

  • Your group membership, your access level defined by roles and permissions granted to you. This information is used by the services to decide which functions are available to you and which operations you are allowed to perform.

A built-in Hub comes bundled with your Upsource installation by default, however you can choose to install an external (standalone) Hub. Besides user management, a standalone Hub lets you centrally manage projects and services of all JetBrains applications connected to it and allows for seamless integration between them. For example, an integration with YouTrack is only possible via external Hub.

  • If you are starting with new Upsource from scratch, we recommend you install an external Hub before proceeding to install Upsource, then choose External Hub during the Upsource setup process.

  • If you are currently using Upsource with built-in Hub, you can switch to external Hub by installing it and migrating your existing Upsource installation data to it.

To grasp the concepts behind Hub and get a full picture on Hub, Upsource, YouTrack interaction, and the benefits it can bring you, please read our Hub documentation.

Last modified: 02 April 2021