Upsource 2020.1 Help

Managing reviews in IDE

You can view and manage reviews which are included in your project and associated with you as a participant or expected participant.

Displaying reviews

From the main menu, select View|Tool Windows|Reviews, or click the Reviews icon on the bottom:


The Reviews tool window will open in a separate tab below the editor

You can search reviews or filter them out by selecting a corresponding option from the drop-down menu:


Reviews that have been closed are greyed out.

Double-click a review to activate various options for it and display it in a separate tab:


The revisions included in the review will be listed. Using the toolbar at the top of the list, you can:

  1. ide_show_comments.png Display review comments (general comments that are not attached to a line or code selection).

  2. ide_edit Edit the review — you can add or remove participants.

  3. ide_resolve Close or reopen the review if you are its author.

  4. CR_accept_face_small.png Accept or CR_concern_face_small raise concern about the changes if you are the reviewer and have completed your inspection.

  5. ide_open_in_browser Open the review in Upsource (in your browser).

You can also detach a specified revision from the review by right-clicking the revision and choosing the corresponding option:


Viewing and comparing revisions

Files that are part of the selected revision are listed in the right pane of the Reviews tool window:


Using the checkboxes on the left you can choose for which revisions you want to see files and the diff:


After selecting a file from the tree you can use the toolbar to:

  1. ide_show_diff Compare file versions in a side-by-side diff

  2. ide_show_diff_local Compare this file version with your local version in a side-by-side diff

  3. ide_open_repo_version See the most recent repository version in your editor

  4. ide_open_in_browser Open this version in Upsource (in your browser)

A side-by-side diff opens in a separate window:


Using the toolbar at the top of the displayed window, you can:

  1. ide_jump_to_source Jump to source — show your current local version of the file in the editor.

  2. ide_diff_files Compare versions of other files included in the revision.

  3. ide_add_comment Leave a review comment.

You can also comment on a code fragment. Select the fragment you want to discuss, choose Leave a comment, then type in your message and click OK:


If the file contains discussions, they are displayed to the right of the diff. Each discussion may contain one or more comments (replies).

Select a comment by clicking on it. Now you can:

  1. ide_reply Reply to the comment

  2. ide_resolve Resolve the comment

If you're the author of the comment, you can also:

  1. ide_edit Edit the comment

  2. ide_remove Delete the comment

Last modified: 02 April 2021