Upsource 2020.1 Help

Searching for reviews

You can search for specific reviews using a wide range of search criteria including discussion comments. Search across your favorite projects, or limit your search to a particular project you're currently in.

To find a specific review:

  1. From the Upsource entry page: Go to the Reviews tab located in the right pane.

    From a project home page: Click Reviews on top of the revisions list.

  2. Enter your query in the search text field. You can use a drop-down menu to select attributes and values; your recent queries can be also found there:


  3. Inspect the search results and filter them out if necessary by refining your query. Right below the search field, you can see how many reviews there are in each common group (created, assigned, has concern, etc.) and narrow down the results to a particular group just by clicking it.


Each review has a number of attributes, such as state, commit, author, etc. In turn, each attribute has a value. When searching for specific reviews, you specify an attribute with a selected value. You can combine several attribute-value pairs to narrow down your search. For example, state: open created-by: Herbert Binkley will return all reviews created by Herbert Binkley that have not been closed.

commit:commit IDSearch for reviews that include a commit with a specified IDcommit: 39fa60b
state:open, closedSearch for reviews in a specified statestate: open
author:Upsource user nameSearch for reviews that include commits made by a specified userauthor: {Trevis Wikett}
reviewer:Upsource user nameSearch for reviews that are to be or have been reviewed by a specified userreviewer: {Andrea DeLacey}
watcher:Upsource user nameSearch for reviews that are watched by a specified userwatcher: {Andrea DeLacey}
participant:Upsource user nameSearch for reviews that include a specified user as a creator, reviewer, or watcherreviewer: {Andrea DeLacey}
created-by:Upsource user nameSearch for reviews created by a specified usercreated-by: {Andrea DeLacey}
created:Review creation dateSearch for reviews created on a specified datecreated: 2018-Jan-15
closed-by:Upsource user nameSearch for reviews closed by a specified userclosed-by: {Andrea DeLacey}
closed:Review closing dateSearch for reviews closed on a specified dateclosed: 2018-Jan-15
updated:Review last updated dateSearch for reviews updated on a specified dateupdated: 2018-Jan-09
accepted-by:Number of reviewersSearch for reviews accepted by a specified number of reviewersaccepted-by: 2
duration:Review durationSearch for reviews that have (or had) been open for a specified period of time (or longer)duration:{3 days}
path:file name and/or pathSearch for reviews that include a specified filepath: */newdir/
Project:project IDSearch for reviews in a specified projectproject: JB Demo
label:label nameSearch for reviews with a specified labellabel: {ready for review}
issue:issue IDSearch for reviews that contain a specified issue IDissue: {JDP-567}
branch:file name or pathSearch for reviews of the revisions contained in a specified branchbranch: master
due:Review due dateSearch for reviews with a specified due datedue: 2018-Jan-09

Additionally, there are shortcut keywords that combine a number of attribute values each. For example, #my returns reviews that you either authored or are assigned to as a reviewer.

#mySearch for reviews that you either authored or are assigned to as a reviewer
#{ready to close}Search for reviews you created that have been completed by all reviewers and can be now closed
#{to review}Search for reviews which you are expected to complete (accept or raise concern about the changes)
#{authored by me}Search for open and closed reviews that you created
#{has concern}Search for reviews with the "have concern" resolution.
#{overdue}Search for reviews that are past the deadline and still not completed.
#{has discussions}Search for reviews that contain comments.
#{track}Search for branch reviews.
#{pull request}Search for reviews created for pull requests.

You can also search review titles and discussion comments for specific words or phrases, including them in your query.

Last modified: 02 April 2021