Upsource 2020.1 Help

Searching discussion comments

The Discussions page lets you see and search all the comments ever posted in the project in chronological order.

Click on a timestamp of any comment, anywhere in Upsource:


and the Discussions page will pop-up:


You can browse the list or look for specific comments by entering phrases or using the following search criteria:

author:Upsource user nameShow comments posted by a specified userauthor: {Travis Wickett}
date:Date or date range in UTCShow comments posted on a specified date (and time) or within a specified perioddate: 2017-Jun..{2017-Jul-03 17:33}
label:Discussion labelShow comments with a specified labellabel: attention
path:Absolute or relative path to a fileShow comments attached to a specified filepath: {/index.html}
revision:Revision IDShow comments attached to a specified revisionrevision: 341e25b
review:Review IDShow comments attached to a specified reviewreview: JD-CR-40
#unresolvedDiscussion statusShow comments in unresolved discussions#unresolved
Last modified: 02 April 2021