Upsource 2020.1 Help

Third-party tools that might be required by Upsource

Depending on your project configuration, you may need to install certain third-party software on your Upsource server before creating a project.

VCS support

If your project repository uses Perforce or Mercurial for version control, you need to install their clients on your Upsource server, so Upsource can recognise the repository.

ToolWhat it's required forInstallation notes
Perforce Command-Line Client (p4)Perforce projects
  1. Download and install Perforce Command-Line Client on the machine with your Upsource installation.

  2. For macOS and Linux, specify PATH to _P4:COMMAND LINE_ in your system environment variables (see P4 instructions ).

  3. Restart Upsource

Mercurial (hg) clientMercurial projects
  1. Download and install Mercurial on the machine with your Upsource installation.

  2. Specify PATH to the hg executable in your system environment variables.

  3. Restart Upsource

Code intelligence support

While most languages Upsource provides code intelligence for are supported right out of the box, some of them require additional tools to be installed on the Upsource server. These languages are:

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Java and Kotlin in Android Studio projects

Since most of the additional installations require a restart of Upsource, it's best to find out what tools you need and install them before you start creating an Upsource project. See the table below for details:

ToolWhat it's required forInstallation notes (for a ZIP version of Upsource)Installation notes (for a Docker version of Upsource)
YarnFor projects that use JavaScript. To enable code intelligence for dependencies listed in package.json
  1. Download and install:

  2. Restart Upsource

Create an extended Docker image that includes all the required tools. Refer to this repository for a step-by-step instruction and a sample Dockerfile.

Node.js / npm
PythonTo enable code intelligence for Python code
  1. Download and install Python

  2. Restart Upsource

PHPTo enable code intelligence for PHP code
  1. Download and install PHP

  2. Restart Upsource

Android SDK

To enable code intelligence in Android Studio projects.

  • Only basic Java and Kotlin code intelligence is available.

  • Android Studio-specific inspections are not supported.

  1. Download and install Android SDK

  2. Restart Upsource

Last modified: 02 April 2021