Upsource 3.0 Help

Custom workflows

Some actions around commits and reviews are quite common and can be automated by including them in a custom workflow. You can set up a workflow to automatically create reviews (and assign reviewers) for commits that match specified criteria, for example when someone changes certain parts of the codebase. This can be especially useful if you have a so-called “critical path”, a part of your system where you want to be 100% certain no change goes unnoticed by you, or a dedicated members of your team. Assignment of reviewers to manually (or automatically as well) created reviews is also possible.

Workflows are configured on the per-project basis.

If instead of creating a review for each specific change you (or any user) only want to be notified about it, you can set up Custom notifications in a similar fashion.

To set up a custom workflow:

  1. Click the settings icon Settings on the top right of the screen. The Administration view will open.
  2. Locate the project you want to set up a workflow for and click Edit project next to its name. In the right pane, under Settings, click Custom workflows. You'll be redirected to the Custom workflows form.

To automatically create reviews:

  1. Check the corresponding checkbox
  2. Specify the trigger criteria
  3. Specify one or more reviewer

To automatically assign participants (reviewers or watchers) to a review:

  1. Check the corresponding checkbox
  2. Specify the review trigger criteria: the review type and who it was created by.
  3. Specify and add one or more participants to be assigned to the review that matches the specified criteria.

When you are done, click Save changes. Your workflow is now in effect.

Last modified: 8 November 2016