Upsource 3.5 Help

Migrating to external Hub

External Hub lets you organize and manage users and projects of different applications from a single spot.

To switch your existing Upsource installation with a built-in Hub to use an external Hub, proceed as follows:

  1. Backup your Upsource data!
  2. Make sure your Upsource installation is version 3.0 or newer. If not, please upgrade to a latest available build.
  3. Download and install Hub.
  4. With Upsource and Hub running, navigate to http://your-host-name:port_for_upsource/bundle/admin/. The following page will be displayed:
  5. Click Show token location to locate the file with the token.
  6. Open the file, copy the token value, paste it into the field, and click Log in:
  7. Enter your external Hub URL and verify it:
  8. If the connection is successful, you'll be prompted to the next screen where you should click Accept:
  9. The migration process starts:


    And in a little while you'll be redirected to a Hub's conflict resolution page, where you can view and resolve conflicts if any.

  10. Click Confirm data import and you are done!

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Last modified: 21 February 2017