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Navigating within a project

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Expanding revision entry

A revision entry can be expanded to list all the files affected by the revision - just click the entry field:


The list can contain files that were:

  • modified_star modified
  • renamed_icon renamed
  • added_plus added
  • removed_minus removed
  • commented_file_icon commented on

Each listed file entry can be in turn expanded to show its inline diff - just click the file name:


From this inline diff view you can go to a side-by-side diff view or a file view - for that click a corresponding button at the upper-right corner of the diff pane.

Opening a revision

To open a revision, click on its message text or ID. You'll be redirected to a revision view where all the files included in the revision will be displayed along with an inline diff underneath each of them:


If the revision is covered by a review, you can go to that review or detach the revision from it:


Or, if it's not part of any review, you can create a new review for it or attach it to an already existing one:


Each inline diff view also has buttons allowing you to open a side-by-side diff view or a file view.

Navigation bar

You can always see where you are in the project and go back to a revision view or a project home view using the navigation bar at the top:

Last modified: 21 February 2017