Upsource 2020.1 Help

In-cloud installation

Upsource can be easily installed and run in a cloud, using one of the cloud computing services available on the market.

As an example we'll outline the Upsource installation requirements for Amazon EC2, since it's one of the most popular cloud solutions at the moment. For easy service setup and trouble-free Upsource installation we encourage you to read EC2 documentation as well.

  1. You can choose any platform: Linux, Mac, or Windows.

  2. The EC2 instance type you select should be t2.large or higher, depending on your repository size.

  3. When configuring EC2 security group, add a custom rule with the following parameters:

    • Protocol to allow: TCP

    • Port to allow: XXXX (Specify the default Upsource port (80 for Windows, 8080 for Linux and Mac), unless it's taken or you want to use a different port for other reasons. In this case you'll have to change it for Upsource as well (Step 4).

  4. Install Upsource, then prior to starting it, configure the base URL (the URL for end users to access your Upsource installation) and port by running the following command:

    • <upsource_home>\bin\upsource.bat configure --listen-port XXXX --base-url


    • --listen-port should match the port that you've specified for EC2 rule in Step 3. Skip, if you've specified the default Upsource port in Step 3.

    • --base-url should match the public DNS name of your EC2 instance.

  5. You are ready to run Upsource.

Last modified: 02 April 2021