Upsource 2020.1 Help

Common issues with Upsource

This document lists common issues that Upsource users and administrators face, and suggests solutions.




You forgot your administrator password.

Reset your administrator account password.

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Upsource fails to start.

External (standalone) Hub is not yet initialized.

  • Stop Upsource.

  • Wait a few minutes for Hub to initialize.

  • Start Upsource.

Code insight in Maven or Gradle based project is not working. The code analysis status indicator remains grey.

Code intelligence is disabled or not properly configured.

Enable/edit code intelligence settings. If it doesn't help, get mvn.out (gradle.out) file and contact support.

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Upsource services consume all memory.

OutOfMemory exception.

Increase heap size available to Upsource frontend process.

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New commits are not getting indexed.

Revisions are stuck in "indexing in progress" state.

Web UI is extremely slow.

Cassandra database won't start when Upsource launches.

Not enough memory for Cassandra database.

Increase heap size available to Cassandra process.

See instruction

JNA version conflict

Disable JNA prior to starting Upsource.

See instruction

Slow Cassandra performance.

Insufficient memory lock settings.

Increase memory lock limit.

See instruction

Web UI never finishes loading.

When using IIS reverse proxy, a WebSocket connection is established but no packets are sent or received.

Disable WebSocket compression.

See instruction

Blurry fonts in some parts of the UI (Chrome browser).

Disable Chrome hardware acceleration.

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Non-Latin characters in commit messages or file contents are displayed as squares or unknown characters.

Commit messages or files stored in your VCS repository use a different type of encoding than the one used in Upsource (UTF-8).

Change the character encoding in Upsource to match that of your VCS repository.

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Local SMTP server is not working with the Docker installation.

Reconfigure Upsource container to use host network.

See instruction

Upsource user sees the following message in the web UI:

You are not receiving email notifications — your email address has hard bounce status. Check your profile settings or contact your system administrator.

Upsource checks the availability of email addresses and stops sending notifications to an address that has become unavailable. Once an email address has been marked as "hard bounce", notifications no longer will be sent to that address.

Reset the "hard bounce" flag.

See instruction

Last modified: 02 April 2021