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Dart Analysis Tool Window

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WebStorm supports integration with the native Dart static analysis engine. All inconsistencies and potential problems are reported in the dedicated Dart Analysis Tool Window with the possibility to navigate to the fragment of the source code where the problem was detected.

On this page:

Toolbar Buttons

ItemTooltip and shortcutDescription
img img Previous/Next Message
Navigate to the previous/next message.
img Export to Text File
Save the current console contents. In the Export dialog, specify the target file or copy information to the Clipboard. Before saving, you can also edit the information to be saved.
Expand all
Ctrl+NumPad Plus
Collapse all
Ctrl+NumPad -
Use these buttons to have all nodes expanded or collapsed.
img Autoscroll to sourceIf this button is pressed, the file that contains the selected error automatically opens in the editor, with the caret at the appropriate line.
help HelpUse this button to navigate to the help topic for the tool window.

The button is not available in Dart projects, see Managing Dart Packages and Assets for details.

Context Menu

Jump to source F4 Click this button to navigate to the fragment of code that caused the selected problem.
CopyCtrl+C Take the line at caret to the clipboard.

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Last modified: 23 December 2015