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WebStorm leverages support for HTML/XHTML, XML and CSS, making up the best tool kit for editing Web pages.

  • Support for CSS is implemented as a plugin that comes bundled with WebStorm. If you do not use WebStorm as a Web development tool kit, you can turn it off.
  • Support for Stylus, see Transpiling Stylus to CSS
  • HTML/XHTML, XML and CSS code completion: tags (including auto-insertion of closing tags), attributes, styles, and even file references in hyperlinks.
  • Find/highlight usages of tags, IDs, files, images, styles, etc.
  • HTML/XHTML code formatting.
  • Matching tag highlighting, which lets highlight tag pairs and quickly navigate between them.
  • HTML, XML and CSS code inspections:
    • Wrong or missing closing tag.
    • Missing, duplicate or incorrect attributes.
    • Wrong references to files in hyperlinks, and more.
  • HTML/XHTML, XML and CSS-aware:
  • Quick view of code documentation.
  • Smart Structure tool window, aware of the tags and their hierarchy.
  • Miscellaneous helpful features, available for both HTML/XHTML, XML and CSS code:
    • Navigate to declaration for tags, images and references.
    • Show applied styles for tag opens a tree view of all styles that are applied to it via the document stylesheet.
    • Open in browser quickly opens the current file in the specified Web browser.
    • Auto-comment quickly toggles comments for arbitrary blocks of code.
    • Navigate to declaration performs advanced navigation to the underlying code of a selector or ID.
    • Show Content is a Goto declaration complimentary that only shows the code in a pop-up window, without letting you modify it.
    • Breadcrumb navigation tabs is a toolbar that dynamically shows the current file hierarchy and provides one-click navigation, and can be disabled if necessary.
  • Emmet, see Emmet Support.

WebStorm parses Web contents files according to the following specifications:

  • HTML: specification HTML5.
  • CSS: specification CSS3. The most common selectors are supported: universal selector *, type selectors .a, descendant selectors .a.b, child selectors .a .b, ID selectors #b, pseudo-classes and class selectors DIV.warning.
  • WebStorm uses Xerces 2.6, an XML parser developed by Apache Software Foundation Group.

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Last modified: 22 May 2015