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Configuring Breakpoints

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Configuring breakpoints

To configure actions, suspend policy and dependencies of a breakpoint

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Right-click a breakpoint in the left gutter, and then click the link More or press Ctrl+Shift+F8.
    • Open the Breakpoints dialog box as described on page Accessing Breakpoint Properties and select the desired breakpoint in the list.
    • In the Favorites tool window, select the desired breakpoint, and click edit1.

    Note that the pop-up window shows less options than the Breakpoints dialog box. To show hidden options, click More.

  2. Define the actions to be performed by WebStorm on hitting breakpoint:
    • To notify about the reaching of a breakpoint with a text message in the debugging console, select the Log message to console check check box.

      To evaluate an expression in the context of a breakpoint and display its value in the debugging console, check the option Log evaluated expression, and enter a valid expression in the option field.

      This feature lets you obtain information about your running application without having to suspend its execution.

    • To set a breakpoint the current one depends on, select it from the Depends on drop-down list.
    • Enable suspending an application upon reaching a breakpoint by selecting the Suspend check box, and then select one of the option buttons to specify the way a running program will be paused. For more information on the Suspend options, refer to Breakpoints dialog reference.

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Last modified: 11 July 2016