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Unit Testing JavaScript

WebStorm provides facilities for running JavaScript unit tests against a local or remote test server. You can run test cases, methods, or entire test files.

To create and run unit tests in JavaScript, perform these general steps

  1. Enable JavaScript unit testing support.
  2. Write the unit tests.
  3. To have WebStorm recognize the unit tests and detect the corresponding production source code, mark the folder where the unit tests are stored as test folder.
  4. If applicable, write configuration files that define which test and corresponding production files should be loaded into the browser and in which order.
  5. Start the test server and capture a browser.
  6. Launch unit tests and monitor test results in the Run tool window.

The topics in this part provide guidelines in JavaScript-specific unit testing procedures.

For general information on testing in WebStorm, see the section Testing.

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Last modified: 11 July 2016